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On Electric Car Guide you will discover a comprehensive selection of guides and information about Electric Vehicles and EV charging. Our mission is to help you find answers to all your questions and help you enjoy your Electric Vehicle!

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Electric Car Guide works hard to ensure the facts on our site are correct. We are 100% independent which means we keep our information unbiased and uninfluenced by advertisers. You can review our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about how we approach Editorial independence.

Who are Electric Car Guide?

The content for Electric car guide has been produced by our editorial team located in Norwich, Norfolk. We also team up with freelance expert automotive writers to share their expertise with our readers.

From first-hand driving experience to technical guides, our team works hard to produce guides to the highest standard, we hope you find the information featured in Electric Car Guide useful.

John Ellmore is the Editor and Spokesperson for Electric Car Guide.

With over 20 years of writing experience, he has written for titles such as City AM, FE News and NerdWallet.com, covering various automotive and personal finance topics.

John’s market commentary has been covered by the likes of The Express, The Independent, Yahoo Finance and The Evening Standard.

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John Ellmore – Editor

How do we answer your questions?

We like to keep things simple and structure our guides into user-friendly ‘bite-size’ chunks of questions and answers. We start by tackling a broad subject that impacts you as an electric vehicle owner, we then attempt to answer all the essential questions you might need to ask around this topic.

Why do we answer your questions?

We started Electric Car Guide because we believe there has never been a better time than now to showcase the benefits of switching to an EV.

There are environmental benefits in switching from petrol to electric vehicles, Electric Vehicles release fewer gases into the environment, even when you consider the process of manufacturing.  Whether you are an Electric veteran or just starting out on your journey, we will help with the many questions about charging, the features, the practicalities, and much more.

If you feel we are missing something from our site, we would love for you to let us know. Feel free to contact us and suggest a topic for our team to cover.

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