The Role of Energy Storage Systems in EV Charging

Energy storage systems serve as a critical component in both the residential and commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Essentially, energy storage systems are devices, typically in the form of batteries, that store electrical energy for later use. In the context of EV charging, these systems work by storing excess … Read more

How Magtec’s Innovations Are Powering UK’s Electric Lorries

Electric fleets are an increasing sight on UK roads, but what does the future hold for electric lorries in the UK? Will the challenges of range, charging infrastructure and cost be overcome to meet the growing demands of sustainability and efficiency in freight transport?  We spoke with Andrew Sloan, the … Read more

Making The Switch to Electric HGVs

As the world moves forward, the collective concern for the planet’s environmental health has sparked a more focused discussion around the need for sustainable changes in transportation. With this in mind, and with the UK’s ban on diesel and petrol vehicle sales set for 2035, the haulage industry – and … Read more

EV Multi Car Insurance

EV Multi Car Insurance is rapidly growing in the UK as electric cars continue to take centre stage on our roads. Electric Multi Car Insurance helps households that own multiple electric vehicles. This bespoke insurance option allows you to consolidate your insurance policies for several EVs under one household, simplifying … Read more

Electric Car Black Box Insurance

Electric Car Black Box Insurance allows EV owners the opportunity to utilise a telematics insurance model specifically designed for electric vehicles.  This article explores the concept of black box insurance policies for electric cars, providing insights into how they work, their benefits, and the considerations electric vehicle owners should be … Read more

How Much Do Electric Cars Cost?

The cost of Electric cars in the UK is starting to come down, but EVs are still expensive compared to petrol cars.  To work out how much electric cars cost in 2024, we’ve analysed the list prices of over 80 electric vehicles available in the UK in 2024. This deep … Read more

Why Are Electric Cars So Expensive?

The uptake of electric cars in the UK and globally is often hampered by their expensive initial purchase price compared to the old cars we are used to.  The reason that electric cars are expensive is down to a few different factors: This guide runs through the reasons behind the … Read more

The Disadvantages of Electric Cars

Electric cars represent a fantastic leap forward in technology, promising a future with reduced emissions on the UK roads. As with any innovation, they come with their own set of challenges. In this article, we delve into the cons, negatives, and disadvantages of electric cars, breaking down the most pressing … Read more

How to Drive An Electric Car Efficiently

Driving an electric car efficiently requires a fair bit of skill if you are to maximise the potential of an EV’s cutting-edge technology.  Understanding how to drive an electric car efficiently is where our guide comes in. We will run through the tips and tricks that ensure your electric car … Read more

New and Upcoming Electric Cars UK 2024

The UK Electric Car market is bracing for the arrival of an exciting lineup of new and upcoming EVs being released in 2024. With EV manufacturers pushing the boundaries of innovation and performance, the upcoming 2024 roster has electric cars to cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences. Whether … Read more

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