Is It Difficult to Get Insurance for Electric Cars?

Electric Cars are increasingly becoming the car of choice for many in the UK. However, potential and existing EV owners often find themselves wondering how easy it is to get car insurance, the costs involved, and whether it is more difficult to get EV insurance compared to insuring traditional petrol … Read more

Electric Car Insurance for Bad Credit

Looking for electric car insurance when you have bad credit is difficult, especially when it’s hard enough to find cheap electric car insurance in the first place.  If you have a bad credit score, it’s worth taking time to understand how credit scores influence the accessibility and cost of your … Read more

Compare Over 60s Car Insurance 2024

In the UK, finding the best car insurance for the age group over 60’s requires an understanding of the unique considerations that come into play when choosing car insurance for this age range. This car insurance guide is written with the specific needs of the UK’s over 60s in mind. … Read more

Compare Electric Taxi Insurance

Electric taxis, with their unique features and specific needs, require a different approach to insurance compared to petrol taxis. This guide to comparing taxi insurance is designed to walk taxi drivers through the landscape of electric taxi insurance in the UK. We’ll explore what makes electric taxi insurance distinct, factors … Read more

Car Insurance Providers Not On Comparison Sites

As car owners, we always want to find the best car insurance deal, and so many of us turn to popular comparison websites, expecting them to present a comprehensive overview of the market. But not all car insurance providers are on comparison sites – so how can we possibly be … Read more

Cheap Electric Car Insurance UK

The BBC recently reported that in 2023 car insurance costs have gone up by 60% and now sit at £1000 on average in the UK. Finding cheap electric car insurance is especially hard, due to their complex technology, expensive batteries and high performance, EVs are currently more expensive than petrol … Read more

Vorsprung Portable EV Chargers Review

Welcome to our comprehensive review of Vorsprung EV Chargers, where we delve into the range of portable EV Granny Chargers chargers offered by Vorsprung. Vorsprung offers three main portable EV chargers. In this review, we’ll look at all 3 models in their lineup, the 2.2kW, 3.3kW, and 7.4kW chargers, each … Read more

The Best EV Charger Cable Holders 2024

One key aspect of home charging your EV is how to organise and manage your charging cables. In our review of the best EV charger cable holders in the UK in 2024, we explore the world of cable holders and cable tidy solutions specifically designed for electric cars. This article … Read more

Type 1 to Type 2 EV Adapters Explained

With different regions adopting different EV charging standards, EV owners need to be able to switch from Type 1 to Type 2 chargers if they have a Type 1 EV and they need to use a UK granny charger, home charger or public charging station.  This is where Type 1 … Read more

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