What is a Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme?

A salary sacrifice car scheme is a type of employee benefit that allows individuals to lease a car through their employer. These schemes offer a convenient way for employees to have access to a brand new vehicle while enjoying significant cost savings and tax advantages. Car salary sacrifice schemes operate … Read more

Does EV Salary Sacrifice Affect a Pension?

Are you considering participating in an electric car salary sacrifice scheme but concerned about its potential impact on your pension? It’s a valid question that many employees have when presented with the option to sacrifice a portion of their salary to enjoy a cost-effective way of getting their hands on … Read more

Does Salary Sacrifice Affect a Mortgage?

Car salary sacrifice schemes are an attractive way for employees to acquire a new electric vehicle and enjoy tax savings. However, while the immediate financial benefits can seem compelling, the decision of whether to join an EV salary sacrifice scheme should never be made in isolation of how it could … Read more

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