Busseys Ford Dealership Unveils the New Ford Explorer in Norfolk

Busseys has been involved in the UK motor industry since 1923. Celebrating over 100 years in the trade, the Norfolk firm has evolved from a single-brand dealership into a comprehensive multi-brand leader with state-of-the-art facilities, like the FordStore at Whiffler Road.

Busseys Ford Dealership Sign - Norwich

We spoke with Busseys about the highly anticipated launch of the new Ford Explorer, discussing the key features that set this model apart in the UK EV market.

The Ford Explorer has a 374-mile range, rapid charging capabilities, luxury additions such as massage seats and a state of the art sound system. With pre-orders already underway, the new Ford Explorer is set to make its showroom debut around August or September. In this exclusive interview, Busseys share insights into the Explorer’s launch, and what this new model offers UK drivers.

Join us as we preview Busseys launch of the 2024 Ford Explorer.

red ford explorer on charge in a showroom

Busseys’ 100 Years in the Norfolk Motor Industry

We asked Busseys about their remarkable evolution over the years:

“Established in 1923, last year we celebrated 100 years as a Main Ford Dealer in Norfolk. Today we are a multi-franchise dealership covering all areas within the motor industry from various sites across Norfolk including the state-of-the-art FordStore at Whiffler Road. Although we have seen plenty of changes one thing has always stayed the same, our hard work and commitment to our customers.” 

Busseys’ state-of-the-art FordStore at Whiffler Road is specifically designed to make the process of buying a new Ford easy and enjoyable. The vehicles are displayed to allow customers to make quick, side-by-side comparisons. FordStores include dedicated areas such as the ‘Discover Ford’ zone where customers can learn about Ford’s vehicle lineup, while visitors can unwind in the ‘Relax Zone’ with refreshments.

This innovative setup at Busseys’ FordStore provides an immersive and informative experience for customers.

When Can You Buy a New Ford Explorer?

Busseys confirmed that the new all-electric Ford Explorer Select 77kWh RWD is officially available for order now and you can expect this model in Bussey showrooms around August or September 2024.

The Explorer Select 52 kWh RWD will not be available for order until late 2024.

How Much Does the New 2024 Ford Explorer Cost?

Busseys Ford Explorer electric models come in at competitive price points. The Explorer Select 52 kWh RWD, set to be available for order in late 2024, is priced at £39,875, offering a budget-friendly option. Meanwhile, the Explorer Select 77kWh RWD, available for immediate order, is priced at £45,875. 

Red Ford Explorer parked in a showroom

What Are the Stand-Out Features of the 2024 Ford Explorer?

We asked Busseys what they think are the most exciting features or innovations in the new Explorer.

They believe the 2024 Ford Explorer has an array of innovative technological and safety features that set a new standard for electric SUVs – designed to enhance both comfort and functionality. Among the most noteworthy is the impressive range of the Explorer Select 77kWh RWD, which can travel up to 374 miles on a single charge. This model also offers a rapid charging capability, achieving an 80% charge in just 26 minutes.

Inside, the Explorer is luxurious, with massage seats that provide comfort during long journeys. Additionally, it introduces a novel feature called ‘My Private Locker‘, a secure storage space hidden behind the touchscreen, perfect for safely storing valuables.

There is even more storage space with a 17-litre storage cubby located between the front seats, offering loads of space to keep essentials within easy reach. The Explorer features a large 14.6-inch central touchscreen that serves as the hub for all in-car functions, paired with a premium seven-speaker sound system for a high-quality audio experience.

The 2024 Ford Explorer’s Performance

The 2024 Ford Explorer’s performance is strong across its varied powertrain options. The Explorer Select 77kWh RWD boasts a maximum power output of 210kW (286 PS) and a substantial torque of 545 Nm, enabling rapid acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in 6.4 seconds. Its top speed reaches 112 mph.

The lineup is divided into two series: Select and Premium. The Select series includes the 52 kWh RWD and the 77kWh RWD, while the Premium series enhances the offerings with the 77kWh and the more robust 79kWh AWD models.

Meet the New Ford Explorer at The Royal Norfolk Show

For the launch of the new Ford Explorer, Busseys will introduce the EV to the public at the Royal Norfolk Show. The car will be prominently featured at The Royal Norfolk Show in June, marking it as one of the initial opportunities for customers to engage directly with the vehicle. This event will allow potential buyers exclusive access to explore the Explorer up close.

New Ford Explorer EV Cockpit with BBC Norfolk on the dashboard

The Royal Norfolk Show, a celebration of Norfolk culture and industry, provides the perfect backdrop for unveiling the new Explorer. Attendees can see the Explorer’s design and features firsthand and experience interactive demonstrations of its cockpit technologies. 

How does Busseys anticipate the Ford Explorer will be received in the UK market?

The 2024 Ford Explorer is set to make a significant impact on the UK market. Here’s what Busseys think:

“We believe the Explorer will be warmly received by the UK market. It is a competitive model that distinctly represents Ford. It has already impressed, becoming the first electric car to circumnavigate the globe. We can’t wait for customers to experience it for themselves.”

We agree with Busseys’ prediction regarding the 2024 Ford Explorer’s reception in the UK market. There are several compelling reasons to believe that this vehicle will be well-received by UK EV owners.

Firstly, the Ford Explorer is a competitive model with the quality and innovation Ford is known for. Its impressive capabilities are highlighted by its achievement as the first electric car to circumnavigate the globe, a testament to its reliability, range, and performance.

The growing UK market interest in electric vehicles boosts the Explorer’s potential for success. With increasing awareness, improving EV charging infrastructure and more homes that have EV chargers installed, the demand for electric vehicles is rising.

Finally, the Explorer’s range of sophisticated features, such as quick charging capabilities and advanced in-car technology, aligns well with the expectations of UK consumers who demand luxury in their vehicles. This combination of functionality and innovation makes the Explorer an attractive option for both existing electric vehicle enthusiasts and new adopters.

How to Order the 2024 Ford Explorer

The Busseys FordStore is a great spot to get up close with the Explorer, chat with Ford experts about your needs and kick off your order. Busseys are open every day. Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 6 PM, Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM, and Sunday and Bank Holidays from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Busseys Ford Dealership front entrance

You can ring ahead on 01603 542030 to set up a visit or just swing by Busseys at 95 Whiffler Road, Norwich, NR3 2EU.

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