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Workplace Charger Installation Guide

This guide explains how to install an EV charger at business premises.

You will learn the steps to installing EV chargers at work, the benefits to employees, and the grants available to reduce the cost of installation.

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How Magtec’s Innovations Are Powering UK’s Electric Lorries

Electric fleets are an increasing sight on UK roads, but what does the future hold for electric lorries in the UK? Will the challenges of range, charging infrastructure and cost be overcome to meet the growing demands of sustainability and efficiency in freight transport?  We spoke with Andrew Sloan, the … Read more

Making The Switch to Electric HGVs

As the world moves forward, the collective concern for the planet’s environmental health has sparked a more focused discussion around the need for sustainable changes in transportation. With this in mind, and with the UK’s ban on diesel and petrol vehicle sales set for 2035, the haulage industry – and … Read more

How to Use an RFID Card for EV Charging

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards offer a convenient and secure way for EV owners to access charging stations. RFID cards have been widely adopted in various industries due to their flexibility as a payment option. The charge cards provide a streamlined approach to accessing EV charging stations, without any complicated … Read more

Workplace EV Charging Policy for UK Businesses

Creating a Workplace Electric car charging policy for your business? Our guide walks you through the considerations you will need to address, such as access, cost, fair usage and maintenance. We also provide a basic workplace EV charger template you can copy from our site and use within your own … Read more

HMRC Electric Car Mileage Rates 2024

Welcome to our review of the current HMRC electric car mileage rates. The 2024 HMRC electric car mileage rate is 9p for company cars. If you are driving a personal electric car for business purposes, the mileage rates are 45p for the first 10,000 miles and 25p thereafter. In this … Read more

Electric Lorries and HGVs in the UK

Welcome to Electric Car Guides look at electric lorries and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs). In this guide, we aim to give you a thorough overview of electric HGVs and lorries, their benefits, limitations and practical considerations for anyone looking to move from diesel to an electric lorry. Whether you are … Read more

Leasing an Electric Van Through a Business

Are you thinking of leasing an electric van through your business? Whether you’re self-employed, an SME or you manage a large fleet, this article provides the answers to all your questions about transitioning from petrol to an electric van. In this guide, we explore the process of electric van leasing, … Read more

EV Benefit in Kind (BIK) Rate 2024

The Benefit-in-kind (BIK) rates for EVs play a significant role in determining the taxable benefits received from a company EV. Electric car BIK rates are usually set very low by HMRC to encourage the adoption of EVs in the UK. The current 2024 Benefit In Kind (BIK) rate in the … Read more

The Electric Company Car Guide

Electric company cars are steadily becoming a popular company car choice for UK businesses, it’s no surprise given the current salary sacrifice incentives and 2% BIK rate in the UK. In this guide to electric company cars, we review the benefits, practicalities, and tax strategies of adopting electric company cars. … Read more

EV Charging Solutions for UK Businesses

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to commercial EV charger installation. As the business world shifts its fleets towards electric vehicles, access to efficient charging infrastructure is crucial. This guide is tailored to help your business navigate the tricky process of transitioning your fleet and installing chargers at your business. We’ll … Read more

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