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Best Home EV Charger Installation Guide

The Best Home Installation guide is your starting point as a new EV owner.

You will learn the types of charging options available, how to plan the installation of a home charger and compare the best companies for the installation of your home EV charger.

This guide will help you along every step of charging your EV at home.

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The Role of Energy Storage Systems in EV Charging

Energy storage systems serve as a critical component in both the residential and commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Essentially, energy storage systems are devices, typically in the form of batteries, that store electrical energy for later use. In the context of EV charging, these systems work by storing excess … Read more

Vorsprung Portable EV Chargers Review

Welcome to our comprehensive review of Vorsprung EV Chargers, where we delve into the range of portable EV Granny Chargers chargers offered by Vorsprung. Vorsprung offers three main portable EV chargers. In this review, we’ll look at all 3 models in their lineup, the 2.2kW, 3.3kW, and 7.4kW chargers, each … Read more

The Best EV Charger Cable Holders 2024

One key aspect of home charging your EV is how to organise and manage your charging cables. In our review of the best EV charger cable holders in the UK in 2024, we explore the world of cable holders and cable tidy solutions specifically designed for electric cars. This article … Read more

Type 1 to Type 2 EV Adapters Explained

With different regions adopting different EV charging standards, EV owners need to be able to switch from Type 1 to Type 2 chargers if they have a Type 1 EV and they need to use a UK granny charger, home charger or public charging station.  This is where Type 1 … Read more

Type 2 to Type 1 EV Adapters Explained

Type 2 to Type 1 EV charger adapters are on hand to help EV owners bridge the gap between different EV charging standards. In this article, we take a look at the best Type 2 to Type 1 EV charger adapters available in 2024, helping you make an informed decision … Read more

What to Do with Your EV Charger When You Move?

Moving house tends to be an exciting chapter in life, but it can come with a number of logistical challenges. If you’re an EV owner, a big consideration is deciding what to do with your EV charger when you move. In this article we will provide you with a comprehensive … Read more

Can You Charge an EV in the Rain?

Living in the UK means we are accustomed to the challenges of charging EVs in the rain. In this article, we’ll answer the question of whether you can charge an EV in the rain. We will provide you with a clear understanding of what happens when you charge your EV … Read more

What is Miles per kWh (mi/kWh)?

Miles per kilowatt-hour (mi/kWh) is an important metric that tells EV owners how many miles an electric vehicle can travel on a single kilowatt-hour of electricity. This allows us to compare the energy efficiency of different EV models and assess their total range. This article provides an introduction to the … Read more

What is Vehicle to Home (V2H)?

Despite its huge potential to revolutionise the way we consume energy, Vehicle to Home (V2H) remains a fairly unknown term in the UK. Vehicle to Home, or V2H, is a term that describes the process of an EV feeding power back into your home. What exactly is Vehicle to Home? … Read more

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