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Electric Cars: A Comprehensive MOT Guide

Learn how an electric vehicle MOT differs from a petrol or diesel MOT. Plus a range of tips on keeping your EV maintained and in top condition to pass its MOT.

electric volvo XC 40 having an MOT test in a garage

Top 5 Ways to Customize Your EV

Electric Car owners want to stand out from the crowd and find ways to personalize their rides. You can make your EV look better and show off a bit of your original style and character. Here are the top five ways to customize your EV, starting with the ever-popular private … Read more

How Long Does a Tesla Battery Last?

How long a Tesla battery lasts is an important consideration for Tesla owners and potential owners alike. Tesla has set high standards for battery performance and offers a robust warranty to support the life of its batteries in the UK. This article explores the durability of Tesla batteries, a cornerstone … Read more

Best Solar Trickle Car Chargers 2024

Solar trickle car chargers are an efficient energy solution that helps keep vehicle and equipment batteries topped up and fully charged. They harness solar energy to provide a consistent, low-level charge, ensuring that batteries remain ready for use without the risk of overcharging. In this article, we explore the best solar … Read more

The Best Car Jump Starter Packs 2024

Having one of the best car jump starter packs is essential for any motorist in the UK. These compact power packs are crucial for those unexpected moments when your car battery decides to take an untimely break. Gone are the days of being stranded waiting for a kind stranger with … Read more

Emergency Portable EV Battery Power Bank Chargers

Emergency EV battery power banks are a lifeline as backup chargers for EV owners in emergencies, either on a long drive or where they can’t plug in a traditional EV granny charger. As more drivers in the UK shift to electric cars, the need for reliable backup battery options is … Read more

Are Electric Cars Automatic?

Are electric cars automatic? At first glance, it might seem like a simple yes, but the full answer requires a look at the engineering behind electric cars. This article examines the transmission of electric cars, in order to understand how they are considered automatic and not manual, how they work, … Read more

Do Electric Cars Use Oil?

Since the 1800’s oil has been used to power cars in the UK. From the earliest cars like the Benz Motor Car to the modern ICE cars we see on our roads, they all rely on oil. But the use of oil hasn’t come without a cost: the severe environmental … Read more

Are Electric Cars Cheaper to Run in 2024

Are EVs cheaper to run than petrol and diesel cars? We’ve compared the running costs of electric cars against those of traditional cars, taking into account the latest fuel and electricity prices in the UK. In addition to fuel expenses, we will examine the costs related to maintenance, the expected … Read more

How Safe Are Electric Cars?

As electric vehicles increased in popularity the safety features have rapidly evolved too. So just how safe are electric cars? This guide looks at how EVs perform in crashes, the risk of electrocution, and the safety features that count. We aim to provide you with a thorough understanding of the … Read more

How Does Regenerative Braking Work?

Regenerative braking has revolutionised the way EVs operate. Designed to enhance energy efficiency and improve the range of your car, the system is an absolute game-changer for electric cars. So what is regenerative braking and how does it work? In this article, we explore everything you need to know about … Read more

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