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What is an internet cookie?

Cookies are found on most sites and are primarily used to track information about the user of a website. When used correctly this can make using the internet a far smoother experience.

Cookies are snippets of text that are stored locally on a user’s device. This allows a site such as Electric Car Guide to store information and use it at a later date. From this data, we can personalise our experience for you by evolving our website based on your experiences with us. Electric Car Guide may choose to partner with 3rd party advertisers in order to pay for the service that we provide you. In order to track the sales generated by this activity, 3rd party sites may need to place a cookie on your device.

What cookies does Electric Car Guide use?

Google Analytics

A Google Analytics cookie is used to better understand visitors’ activity on the Electric Car Guide website. This allows us to improve the service we offer by tailoring our site to the needs of our audience.

Should you wish to better understand Google Analytics cookies you can find more details on Google’s privacy policy

3rd Party Advertiser Cookies

If Electric Car Guide partners with a 3rd Party advertiser it is likely they will use an additional 3rd party to track user activity. This enables us to understand the sales activity generated on our site and receive commission accordingly.If a 3rd Party provider drops a cookie onto your device it is essential for you to understand that no personally identifiable information is used in the provision of this tracking.

Can I turn off cookies?

Yes – absolutely! All about cookies provides a clear and concise guide on how to disable cookies depending on the type of browser or device you are using.

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