Electric Car Guide Editorial Guidelines

We want our readers to have 100% confidence that the information provided is accurate, clear, and completely unbiased. In order to trust our approach we believe in transparency and honesty of information and product comparison.


The information that our writers provide is fact-checked before publication.

The sources that we use are always trustworthy and reputable, we like to reference primary sources, for example, Government bodies such as the Office for Zero Emissions, research institutes, and scientific journals. We don’t like to reference blogs or commercial sites whose information may be second-hand.

Editorial independence

When we discuss products we will provide a clear and transparent methodology to accompany our product information, this lets our readers know how and why we have chosen the products that we discuss. We consider multiple features of a product that will affect our users and determine a rating based on the overall suitability and not based on a commercial arrangement.

We believe this impartiality allows our writers to provide the best possible service to our readers without the influence of advertiser relationships.

Balanced information

We ask our writers to act with a journalistic curiosity that will comprehensively dig into a topic or question. We ask that they try to view a topic from all sides and give balance to the viewpoint.

Quick to action editorial changes

No matter how thorough our editorial process may be, we will find that information has changed in the world of EV’s that we are unable to action instantly, if we are notified of an editorial correction on Electric Car Guide we aim to update the article within 3 hours.

If you need to contact us regarding an issue with our content you can do so via our contact us page.

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Editorial Independence

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Our articles are written independently.
Products are reviewed objectively and rated
without influence from advertisers.

Expert Opinions

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We keep up to date with the world of EVs.
We continually revise our articles as technology changes.

Accurate Information

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Electric Car Guide is committed to a
thorough fact-checking process.
Our Editorial Guidelines explain how we achieve this.