Electric Car Guide Privacy Policy

Electric car guide is dedicated to ensuring the privacy of their customers is maintained.

This policy lays out how we use data collected by the electric car guide website, please take your time to read it thoroughly, and if you have any questions relating to the policy feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns. If we change our approach to treating your data we will update this policy accordingly, so don’t forget to revisit it in the future.

The purpose of our privacy policy is to keep you fully informed as to how we keep your data, how we use your data, and what options you have to tell us about how you wish your data to be treated.

What personal data does Electric Car Guide collect?

In order for us to monitor the use of the electric car guide website, we require information about the device you are using, including the type of device and the browser you are using.

If you decide to contact the electric car guide team by telephone or email, we will collect that data in order to appropriately respond to your enquiry.

What does Electric Car Guide use personal data for?

We use your data if we need to contact you to respond to an enquiry that you may make to the team.

We use data to tailor and enhance our service to your needs. In the event that we run promotional adverts on the website, we may use data to track sales in order to receive commissions from advertisers.

What lawful bases allow Electric Car Guide to use personal data?

GDPR provides 6 lawful bases for websites such as ours to collect and use personal data. We have identified 2 legal basis that we depend on for our website service to operate.

1. Consent

If required, we may request your specific consent to collect your personal data. We will always provide a mechanism for you to withdraw your consent whenever you choose to do so. We will also provide an explanation at the time of consent about how we process your information.

2. Legitimate Interest

Electric Car Guide relies on legitimate interests for using personal data. We always review and ensure there is a balance between the interests of our website and the interests of our users.

The legitimate interest for our use of data is to allow us to personalise the web content that we provide you and for us to undertake advertising-related activities which ultimately pay for the free services we provide.

Who do we share personal data with?

We may share data with 3rd party companies if it is deemed necessary to provide our web services or if there is a legal requirement to do so. If this is the case the data shared will be limited and we will explicitly ask for your consent to do so.

What are your rights?

The data protection regulations provide you with a number of data rights.

The right to access your personal data

You have the right to request any of the personal information that Electric Car Guide holds relating to you. You must provide a ‘Subject Access Request’ that Electric Car Guide will act on upon confirmation of your identity.

The right to rectification

You have the right to amend any of the personal data that we hold for you if you believe it is incorrect or obsolete. 

The right to erasure

You have the right to request that your personal data be deleted by Electric Car Guide. We aim to respond to such a request within 21 days in order to have the time necessary to fully erase your data from our systems.

The right to object

You have the right to choose to object to how we use your data.

If you wish to discuss any part of this policy or talk further about how we use your data, please contact our team and we will be happy to help.

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