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Electric Car Guides EV Focus Group plays a pivotal role in shaping our content.

The world of electric vehicles is fast-evolving, with new features and technologies emerging at breakneck speed. To ensure our reviews remain relevant, informative, and aligned with what truly matters to you, we’ve brought together a group of EV enthusiasts to share their experiences.

We regularly engage with our EV Focus Group to understand what product features they care about, the feedback they provide helps us understand the factors that matter most to EV owners in the real world.

Meet our EV Focus Group

Our EV Focus Group bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for electric vehicles. Let’s introduce you to some of our group:

Claire Anderson and her dog

Claire Anderson

Audi Q4 e-tron 

Claire uses her Audi Q4 e-tron, for client meetings, both near and far. Her four-legged friends are its biggest fans!

Jordan Tilley profile picture

Jordan Tilley

Porsche Taycan

Jordan enjoys the performance and range of his Porsche Taycan, it’s perfect for the mix of city & country roads he drives on.

Xingdong profile picture

Xingdong Bian

Tesla Model Y

Xingdong appreciates the latest tech, so he loves the cutting-edge technology that his Tesla Model Y provides.

jason Tassie profile picture

Jason Tassie


Early adopter Jason enjoys the space his Ford Mustang offers when whizzing his kids between sporting and social events.

Jonathan Plunkett and his electric I-PACE

Jonathan Plunkett


By connecting his Jaguar I‑PACE to solar panels, Jonathan uses sustainable energy from his home charger to generate substantial cost savings.

Join our EV focus group

Are you an EV enthusiast with opinions and insights to share? Do you want to be on the frontline of the electric revolution and have a say in how UK consumers compare the latest EV models, products and services?

Join our EV Focus Group and be part of the conversation shaping our greener future! Contact us for details on how to take part.

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