How Our Site Works

At Electric Car Guide, our mission is to demystify the world of electric vehicles and make them accessible to all.

We are proud to be 100% independent, meaning we are not owned by any EV manufacturer or financial institution.

Being independent allows us to focus all our energy and attention on building comprehensive EV guidance and comparison specifically tailored to the needs of electric car enthusiasts like you. We are not influenced by any brand or company, ensuring that our recommendations are solely based on what we believe is best for our users.

Here’s how our site works:

  1. Free Service
    Electric Car Guide is a free service for our users. You can access our website and browse the information without any charges or subscription fees.

  2. How we make our money
    In order to sustain our website and continue offering our service for free, we need to generate revenue. We accomplish this by partnering with companies and receiving a fee when you choose their products. This fee varies depending on the products and does not impact the price you pay as a consumer.

  3. Unbiased Comparison Tables
    Our comparison tables are designed to provide you with an objective overview of different products available in the market. We prioritise consumer interests and select products that we believe are the best options, regardless of any commercial arrangements we may have with the companies. Our goal is to offer you a fair and comprehensive comparison.

  4. Product Selection Criteria
    When curating our comparison tables, we consider various factors such as product features, performance, customer reviews, pricing, and availability. We conduct extensive research to ensure that the products we recommend meet high standards of quality and reliability.

  5. User Feedback
    We value your feedback and welcome your input on our site. If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Your feedback helps us improve our service and provide you with a better user experience.

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Editorial Independence

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Our articles are written independently.
Products are reviewed objectively and rated
without influence from advertisers.

Expert Opinions

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We keep up to date with the world of EVs.
We continually revise our articles as technology changes.

Accurate Information

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Electric Car Guide is committed to a
thorough fact-checking process.
Our Editorial Guidelines explain how we achieve this.