Jaguar I-PACE Electric Car Insurance

The Jaguar I-PACE is an elegant and high-performance EV made by Jaguar Landrover in the UK. The Jaguar I-PACE needs Electric Car insurance cover tailored specifically for EV drivers. 

So let’s explore Jaguar I-PACE electric car insurance, we will look at the various models available in the UK market and explore the different types of I-PACE insurance cover, we aim to provide a comprehensive guide on insuring your Jaguar I-PACE.

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What Jaguar I-PACE Models Can You Buy in The UK?

Let’s take a closer look at the UK Jaguar I-PACE models, including their performance and spec, which are key factors in electric vehicle insurance.


  • Battery: EV400 90kWh AWD
  • Top Speed: 200 km/h (124 mph)
  • Acceleration: 0‑100 km/h (0‑60 mph) in 4.8 (4.5) seconds
  • Charging Time: Approximately 8.58 hours (AC 11kW, 0-100%)

The R-DYNAMIC HSE represents the pinnacle of luxury in the I-PACE line-up. It combines high performance with advanced features like adaptive dynamics, premium LED headlights, and a luxurious interior finish. This model’s high-end specifications might lead to higher insurance premiums due to the increased value and the cost of replacing or repairing advanced features.


  • Battery: EV400 90kWh AWD
  • Top Speed: 200 km/h (124 mph)
  • Acceleration: 0‑100 km/h (0‑60 mph) in 4.8 (4.5) seconds
  • Charging Time: Similar to the HSE model

The R-DYNAMIC SE offers a balance of performance and luxury. Features like electronic air suspension and premium sound systems are key highlights. While slightly less luxurious than the HSE, the SE still maintains a high standard that can influence insurance costs.


  • Battery: EV400 90kWh AWD
  • Top Speed: 200 km/h (124 mph)
  • Acceleration: 0‑100 km/h (0‑60 mph) in 4.8 (4.5) seconds
  • Charging Time: Approximately 8.58 hours (AC 11kW, 0-100%)

The R-DYNAMIC S is the entry-level model in the R-DYNAMIC range but still boasts significant features such as the Touch Pro Duo infotainment system. It offers the essentials of luxury electric driving, which can be a more cost-effective option in terms of insurance.

What Types of Jaguar I-PACE Car Insurance Cover Are There?

In the UK, there are several types of car insurance covers available for your Jaguar I-PACE, each offering different levels of protection. Understanding these options will help you select the best insurance for your Jag.

  1. Jaguar I-PACE Third Party Only Insurance
    This is the minimum legal electric car insurance requirement in the UK. It covers damages or injury to third parties and their property but does not cover damages to your I-PACE. While this is the most basic and often the cheapest option, it may not be ideal for a high-value vehicle like the Jaguar I-PACE, especially considering the cost of repairs for electric vehicles.

  2. Jaguar I-PACE Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance
    This policy includes third-party cover and also provides protection if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire. This offers a greater level of protection than third-party only insurance and can be a good middle ground for electric vehicles like the I-PACE.

  3. Jaguar I-PACE Fully Comprehensive Insurance
    This is the most extensive form of car insurance. It covers damages to your I-PACE, third-party damages, and also includes protection against fire, theft, vandalism, and accidental damage. Given the value and technological sophistication of the Jaguar I-PACE, fully comprehensive insurance is often recommended. It provides the most extensive coverage, ensuring that both your vehicle and third parties are adequately protected.

What Insurance Group are Jaguar I-PACE Models in?

In the UK, electric car insurance groups play a significant role in determining insurance premiums. These groups, which range from 1 to 50, are assigned based on factors like vehicle value, repair costs, performance, and safety features. Generally, the higher the group number, the higher the insurance premium. For Jaguar I-PACE models, their placement in these groups can give you an idea of the insurance costs you might expect.

Jaguar I-PACE Insurance Groups

  • R-Dynamic HSE Black
    Model: 294kW EV400 R-Dynamic HSE Black 90kWh 5dr Auto
    Insurance Group: 50
  • Sport
    Model: 294kW EV400 Sport 90kWh 5dr Auto
    Insurance Group: 50
  • R-Dynamic S
    Model: 294kW EV400 R-Dynamic S 90kWh 5dr Auto
    Insurance Group: 49
  • S
    Models: 294kW EV400 S 90kWh Auto [11kW Charger] 5d  
    Insurance Group: 47
    S EV400 AWD auto 5d
    Insurance Group: 49
  • HSE
    Models: 294kW EV400 HSE 90kWh Auto [11kW Charger] 5d
    Insurance Group: 50
    HSE EV400 AWD auto 5d
    Insurance Group: 50

The Jaguar I-PACE models, especially the R-Dynamic HSE Black, Sport, and HSE variants, are in the highest insurance group (50). This reflects their high value, performance capabilities, and the costs associated with repairing the cars.

In comparison to standard petrol or diesel cars, these high insurance group ratings for the I-PACE models indicate a premium insurance category, mostly due to the advanced technology and electric vehicle-specific features.

The I-PACE’s robust performance, with its 294kW power output and rapid acceleration, is always going to land it in higher insurance groups. Understanding where your Jaguar I-PACE model falls in terms of insurance groups is key to estimating your insurance premiums.

The Best Jaguar I-PACE Car Insurance

Securing the best insurance for your Jaguar I-PACE involves more than just finding the lowest price. It’s about balancing cost with coverage quality, customer service, and the specific needs of an electric vehicle. Here, we will explore how to find the best car insurance for your I-PACE, let’s look at a list of what an ideal insurance policy for a Jaguar I-PACE might include:

Charging Equipment Cover
The policy could protect essential charging components like cables and home EV chargers, covering them against damage.

Battery Protection
Given the significance and cost of the I-PACE’s battery, the insurance should cover the battery.

Personal Items
The policy should cover personal belongings inside the I-PACE, such as gadgets or luggage, against theft or damage.

Electric Courtesy Car Availability
While the I-PACE is under repair, the insurance should offer a courtesy car, ideally an electric vehicle.

Key Replacement
Considering the advanced technology of the I-PACE’s keys, the policy should include the cost of replacing them if lost or damaged.

Software Update Protection
Cover could also extend to any issues that might arise from the vehicle’s software updates, ensuring the car’s tech remains up-to-date without risk.

Recovery Services 
In cases where the vehicle runs low on charge, the policy should include EV recovery services for transporting the I-PACE to the nearest charging point.

Protected No Claims Discount
To ensure that insurance premiums do not increase after a claim, the policy should safeguard the no-claims discount.

Coverage for Windscreen and Glass
The policy should particularly cover damages to windscreens and other glass components of the I-PACE.

Legal Expense Cover
The policy should also encompass legal expenses, assisting in any legal matters or claims related to the Jaguar I-PACE.

Why Is Jaguar I-PACE Car Insurance So Expensive?

Many Jaguar I-PACE owners have noticed that their I-PACE car insurance is high. Let’s run through the behind these higher costs:

  • High Value and Repair Costs
    The I-PACE, as a luxury electric vehicle from Jaguar, comes with a higher price tag, which translates into higher insurance costs.

  • Cost of Repairs
    Electric vehicles, including the I-PACE, often require specialised repairs and parts, which can be more expensive than those for standard vehicles.

  • Advanced Technology
    The I-PACE is equipped with some pretty cutting-edge tech, like its electric drivetrain and infotainment systems. Repairing or replacing these can be costly.

  • Battery Replacement
    The high cost of the electric battery in the I-PACE is a significant factor in insurance pricing, given the battery’s importance and replacement cost.

  • Insurance Group Ratings
    The I-PACE models typically fall into higher insurance groups due to their performance capabilities and advanced features, leading to higher premiums.

  • Limited Data on Electric Cars in the UK
    As electric cars are relatively new to the market, insurers have less historical data to assess risk accurately, potentially leading to higher premiums as a precaution.

How to Get Cheap Jaguar I-PACE Car Insurance

While insurance for a Jaguar I-PACE may generally be higher due to the factors discussed earlier, there are strategies you can employ to find more affordable options. These tips can help you reduce the insurance costs for your I-PACE without compromising on coverage quality.

  • Compare Insurance Providers
    Don’t settle for the first quote you receive. Use comparison websites to compare cheap electric car insurance offers.

  • Specialist Insurers
    Consider both mainstream insurers and those specialising in electric vehicles, as they might offer competitive rates for I-PACE models.

  • Increase Your Excess
    Opting for a higher voluntary excess can lower your premium. However, ensure it’s an amount you’re comfortable paying in case of a claim.

  • Consider Telematics Policies
    This is called Black Box Insurance, some insurers offer lower rates if you install a telematics device in your vehicle. These devices monitor driving habits and can reduce premiums for safe drivers.

  • Consider a Salary Sacrifice Scheme
    A salary sacrifice scheme involves agreeing to receive a lower salary in exchange for non-cash benefits – in this case, the use of a Jaguar I-PACE. Often, these schemes include not just the car but also insurance, maintenance, and sometimes even fuel or charging costs, consolidating many vehicle expenses into one package.

  • Pay Annually Instead of Monthly
    If possible, paying your insurance premium in one annual lump sum can be cheaper than monthly instalments.

Jaguar I-PACE Safety Features

The Jaguar I-PACE has a 5-star EURO NCAP rating. The Jaguar I-PACE is kitted out with a suite of advanced safety features that enhance both its safety profile and its appeal to insurance providers. These safety features are crucial for both protecting its occupants and potentially influencing the cost of insurance.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
The ABS in the I-PACE helps maintain tire rotation and control under heavy braking, enhancing the ability to steer while slowing down. Such features can lead to more favourable insurance premiums as they help prevent accidents, especially under emergency braking conditions.

Electronic Stability Control
This system detects and reduces loss of traction, adjusting engine power and applying brakes to specific wheels, helping maintain control during extreme manoeuvres. Stability control can contribute to lower insurance rates due to its role in preventing loss of vehicle control.

Side Impact Airbags
These airbags are designed to protect the body during side impacts, safeguarding the ribcage and torso areas of front-seat occupants. Side airbags can be a favourable factor for insurance providers, as they reduce the risk of serious injury in side collisions.

Overhead Airbags
Deploying in side impacts or rollovers, these airbags are essential for protecting occupants’ heads, offering comprehensive protection.

Seatbelt Pretensioners
In a collision, pretensioners automatically tighten seatbelts, positioning occupants securely to maximize the effectiveness of airbags and reduce movement.

Advanced Security System
Equipped with systems for intrusion detection and an ignition disable feature, the I-PACE offers robust protection against unauthorized access and theft. Enhanced security features can lead to reduced insurance costs due to a lower risk of theft and break-ins.

The Final Word on Jaguar I-PACE Car Insurance

Throughout this guide, we’ve explored how you can go about insuring a Jaguar I-PACE. There is a diverse range of I-PACE models available in the UK, each with its unique set of features and insurance group ratings. 

The importance of specialised insurance that caters specifically to electric vehicles like the I-PACE, covering aspects like battery protection and charging equipment, is key.

There are plenty of factors influencing the cost of insurance for the I-PACE, such as its advanced safety features, high-end technology, and the relative novelty of electric vehicles in the UK car market. These factors contribute to the higher insurance premiums often associated with the I-PACE compared to traditional vehicles.

The safety features of the I-PACE, from its sophisticated ABS and stability control systems to its comprehensive airbag coverage and advanced security system, make it a great car to drive and a safe EV to own. They also offer potential savings in insurance premiums.

If you are looking to reduce costs, consider comparing providers, increasing voluntary excess, and maintaining a clean driving record. These strategies are vital in finding the right level of cover at a price that doesn’t break the bank!

This article is intended solely for informational purposes and should not be considered as advice. It is important to consult the specific terms and conditions of an insurer before making any commitments to financial products.

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