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John is the Editor and Spokesperson for Electric Car Guide. Before Electric Car Guide, John co-founded the financial guidance site Know Your Money in 2004, he was the company’s spokesperson for consumer finance and automotive issues.

With over 20 years of writing experience, he has written for titles such as City AM, EV Schemes, Lift Share, FE News, and, covering various automotive and personal finance topics.

You can view all previous articles written by John here.

John has also provided market commentary to leading UK publications on a wide range of topics, you can read a selection of his published commentary below…

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Why It’s so Hard to Make an Electric Truck

Pickup trucks are bigger and heavier than standard passenger cars and therefore require larger batteries, more powerful motors and stronger frames”

“Electric trucks need a wider range of more advanced components than regular EVs. Fewer suppliers are making them and the market is not really there yet,” Ellmore said. “This makes them more difficult to manufacture and the cost of improving the technology is greater than that of improving standard EV technology.

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The UK’s most dangerous city to drive in

“Road casualties and accidents have been on the decline over the last few decades thanks to road improvements and additional regulations.

“It is still crucial for drivers to be taking extra care on the roads, particularly those that have not been driving for as long….”

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Fears over ‘buy now pay later’ debt

“This may not cause problems for most people, but there is a risk that a customer could agree to something they aren’t aware of if the crucial piece of information is buried in a mass of text.”

“With the length and complexity of terms and privacy notices, we shouldn’t be surprised if many people click ‘accept’ without reading or understanding exactly what they’ve agreed to,” he warns.

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How to recession-proof your finances

“Firstly, it is vital to be completely honest with yourself about your financial situation,”

“Conduct a thorough audit of your finances and gain a comprehensive understanding of all your incomes and outgoings. This will show you exactly where your cash is going and, most importantly, help you identify problematic spending behaviour….”

If you would like to get in touch with John you can reach him via our contact us page.

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