Jurni Leasing Salary Sacrifice Review: Pros, Cons & Features

Once known as Go Green Salary Sacrifice, the company has now rebranded as Jurni. Previously operating under various trading brands, Jurni now operates as a cohesive business. It’s a new chapter in their story – a journey they aptly call, “a new Jurni, with Jurni”.

Their new approach is now more efficient, yet equally customer-centric. Jurni is a nationwide company with offices in key locations across the UK including Abingdon, Brighton, Cannock, Coventry, Epping, Reading, and Witney, with the latter serving as their head office.

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Jurni partners with ten of the UK’s leading funders, offering more funding options to its customers. Their independent status and strong industry relationships mean customers enjoy a broader choice of vehicles, from individual cars to entire fleets. Additionally, Jurni’s significant buying power allows them to negotiate substantial discounts, that are directly passed on to the customers.

Let’s take a closer look at the Jurni Leasing Salary Sacrifice scheme, and its pros’ cons and features:

Jurni Leasing Pros & Cons


  • Eco-friendly fleet focus
  • Comprehensive Salary Sacrifice Scheme
  • No upfront initial payments or credit checks
  • Fully comprehensive insurance (including business use and courtesy car)


  • Early termination fees apply
  • Eligibility restrictions apply
  • Varied lead times

We selected these pros and cons based on the criteria that Electric Car Guide customers identified as the most important to them in our survey of EV owners. We also researched real-world customer reviews on Trustpilot (both positive and negative) and compared Jurni Leasing’s features with its nearest competitors.

Am I eligible for a Jurni Lease?

Here’s a list of eligibility requirements for Jurni leasing:

  • You should possess a full driving licence and be over 18 years old. Applicants below 18 or those with a problematic driving record might face challenges obtaining an ev insurance policy.

    If you do have issues with your driving record you might still be eligible with the provider’s specific approval and if alternate insurance provisions can be arranged.

  • Before making a commitment, ensure you can afford the chosen vehicle and meet the terms of the agreement. Participation will not be possible if you are in a salary sacrifice and the sacrifice makes the lease unaffordable.

  • To be part of the Salary Sacrifice initiative, employees must have at least 6 months of employment under their belt and consider their long-term plans with the company, especially if opting for a 2 or 3-year contract. There are specific financial and legal considerations too, ensuring the commitment is feasible and beneficial for the employee.

What documentation is required for the Jurni Salary Sacrifice?

  • Private Individuals, Sole Traders, and Partnership Partners: Proof of identity using a driving licence and proof of residence (utility bill or bank statement) are necessary. The finance company may additionally ask for bank statements and pay slips to evaluate the affordability of the vehicle.

  • Businesses: The latest financial accounts might be required. Identification proof for the person signing the finance agreement is essential, and occasionally, proof of residence might also be requested.

  • Personal Guarantors: Both proof of identity and residence are required.

Jurni Leasing features at a glance

ContractSalary Sacrifice Business Contract Hire
Minimum term24 Months
Early termination detailsEarly termination fees apply.

If the employee is long term sick and unable to work. Or If the employee loses their driving licence due to ill health or death - you can simply return the vehicle with no termination penalties.
Deposit requiredNo initial upfront payment
Charging benefitsJurni will help employees organise a home charging installation with Ohme.
Number of models availableAll current UK EV models available.
Whats included?What’s included in the package:

Brand-new electric vehicle for 2, 3 or 4 years

No upfront initial payments or credit checks

Service and maintenance

Unlimited tyres replacement due to normal wear and tear

Fully comprehensive insurance

At Home and Roadside breakdown assistance

Up to two additional named drivers
Customer support optionsOpen 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday 03330 918 568

Email support: [email protected]
Car purchase optionYou have the option to buy your vehicle at the end of your Salary Sacrifice agreement. The price is based on market value at the time.
ProsImpartial advice from EV specialists

No upfront initial payments or credit checks

Fully comprehensive insurance (including business use and courtesy car)
ConsEarly termination fees apply

Eligibility restrictions apply

Varied lead times
EligibilityMinimum of 6 months in current employment

Hold a full UK driving licence and aged 18 or over

You cannot participate if the amount you sacrifice results in your salary falling below the National Living Wage limit

You intend to stay employed for the duration of the agreement
Delivery costFree Delivery
Lead timeThe Salary Sacrifice scheme are typically implemented between 2-4 weeks depending on the size and complexity.

Lead times vary by vehicle manufacturer, but stock vehicles are available for quicker deliveries.

Jurni Leasing full review

Electric Jurni is the EV arm of Jurni Leasing, one of the UK’s premier vehicle finance brokers.

Jurni Leasing specialises in offering a wide range of hybrid and electric vehicles. They offer an all-inclusive salary sacrifice solution, providing both consumers and businesses with the cost-saving advantages of salary sacrifice schemes.

Jurni contract and early termination protection

When choosing a vehicle through Jurni Leasing, customers enter into a Contract Hire agreement.

Jurni Leasing minimum contract is a term of 24 months.

A crucial concern for many when entering a leasing agreement is the possibility of early termination and the costs associated with it. If you have a personal agreement with Jurni and need to end the contract early, fees are applicable.

For salary sacrifice contracts there is early termination protection in place. As with the best salary sacrifice schemes,  Go Jurni Leasing has an early termination policy that offers a balanced approach to protection and responsibility.

If an employee decides to leave their employment or has to for unforeseen circumstances, they can request an early termination quotation at any point during the contract’s term.

If the employee changes jobs and moves to a new employer willing to take over the lease through a salary sacrifice arrangement, the lease can be novated, avoiding termination charges. However, Jurni also provides protection against unforeseen challenges. For instance, if an employee faces involuntary redundancy, the funder may potentially cover any early termination costs, depending on the severance package arranged.

If an employee loses their driving license due to medical reasons, the vehicle can be returned without incurring early termination penalties.

Jurni Leasing deposit

There is no deposit to pay with Jurni Leasing.

Jurni Leasing charging benefits

Jurni Leasing has a partnership with Rolec Services, which has an impressive track record of installing charging points nationwide.

Jurni assists in coordinating the installation of a home charging point, but the cost appears to be the same as going direct to Rolec (who feature independently on our shortlist list of the Best EV charger installation providers in the UK). So the benefit is in the hassle-free coordination from Jurni, rather than a discounted price.

Jurni Leasing vehicle options

The Jurni inventory has access to all current UK EV models available!

What’s included with Jurni Leasing?

For those opting for a personal lease, the clients receive their chosen car without any additional perks.

However, for those who choose the salary sacrifice option, Jurni Leasing offers a more comprehensive package. Beyond just the vehicle, this option includes:

Servicing and Maintenance
Ensuring that the vehicle remains in top condition throughout the lease term.

Tyre Replacements and Repair
With unlimited tyre replacements, drivers can be assured of safety and performance at all times.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance
A fixed-cost EV insurance policy covers the vehicle for the entire contract period, with the added benefit of including two extra-named drivers.

Extra Drivers
Up to two additional named drivers

Roadside Breakdown Cover
In the event of a breakdown, drivers are covered with the electric car breakdown cover.

Can I purchase the EV at the end of a Jurni Lease?

Yes, Jurni Leasing offers its clients the option to purchase an EV at the end of the contract. A nice choice for drivers who grow attached to their leased vehicle!

However, specific terms and conditions, as well as the purchase price, will depend on the initial agreement and the vehicle’s residual value at the end of the lease. It’s a good idea to discuss the details with Jurni Leasing customer service closer to the end of your contract to understand how it works and any costs involved.

What Jurni Leasing does well

Eco-friendly Fleet Focus
Jurni Leasing provides environmentally conscious vehicles only, promoting sustainable travel.

Comprehensive Salary Sacrifice Scheme
Their Salary Sacrifice Scheme includes a variety of benefits such as maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance.

No upfront initial payments or credit checks
Customers can start their lease without the need for an upfront deposit.

Vehicle Purchase Option
At the end of the lease, customers have the option to purchase the vehicle.

Where Jurni Leasing falls short

Early Termination Costs
If someone wishes to exit the scheme before the end of the term, they might incur termination costs, especially if it’s due to voluntary reasons or disciplinary actions.

Eligibility Restrictions
The scheme has specific criteria, including a minimum of 6 months of employment and certain age and license conditions, which will exclude some employees.

Varied Lead Time
Depending on vehicle demand and availability, customers may experience a wide range of waiting times, from 2 to 20 weeks or even more for highly sought-after vehicles.

How do I apply for Jurni Leasing?

  1. Choose Your Contract Type
    Decide whether the lease is for business or personal use and select the appropriate option.

  2. Select Your Contract Term
    Choose the duration for which you’d like to lease the vehicle. Options available are 18, 24, 36, or 48 months.

  3. Specify Your Mileage
    Estimate and choose the annual mileage you expect to cover with the leased vehicle. The available range is from 5,000 to 30,000 miles.

  4. Decide on Maintenance
    You can choose to add maintenance to your lease package.

  5. Choose Optional Car Extras
    Personalise your EV by adding any optional extras you desire.

  6. Request a Quote
    Fill in your personal details to request a quote and Jurni Leasing will get in touch.

The final word on Jurni Leasing

Jurni Leasing offers an environmentally conscious solution for those looking to lease a car. With a focus on electric vehicles, it supports the shift towards sustainable transport in the UK. 

The flexibility in contract types and durations, combined with a straightforward online application process, makes sign-up easy for new customers. The opportunity to purchase the EV at the end of a lease is another big plus.

There are plenty of added benefits under the salary sacrifice scheme, like comprehensive maintenance and insurance.

Potential customers have to be mindful of early termination clauses though. If you are joining a Jurni salary sacrifice be sure to ask and be diligent in understanding what early termination clauses are in place for your specific workplace.

Our no1 EV Salary Sacrifice Scheme
The Electric Car Scheme Salary Sacrifice
  • Competitive Prices
    Any brand, every model

  • Early Termination Protection
    From day 1 (excludes resignations)

  • All-Inclusive Package
    EV, Breakdown Cover, Insurance & Home Charger

  • B Corp Certified Business
    Highlights a dedication to sustainable and ethical business practices

Help if you’re struggling with debt from car subscriptions or leases

Late payments on car subscriptions or leases can lead to financial difficulties. If you find yourself struggling with debt from car subscriptions or leases, it is essential to seek professional guidance. Several debt advice services can help:

  • StepChange: StepChange offers debt management plans tailored to your situation
  • Citizens Advice: Offering free and confidential advice on managing debts.
  • National Debtline: National Debtline is a helpline specifically designed to assist with personal debt, including car subscription or lease obligations.
  • MoneyHelper (formerly The Money Advice Service): Providing tools and support to help you understand your options and make informed decisions.

Remember, the terms of car subscriptions and leases can vary significantly, so it’s really important to read and understand your specific agreements and obligations.

Jurni review methodology

At Electric Car Guide, our review of Jurni Leasing was conducted with impartiality and an in-depth understanding of what electric car users value. Here’s how we worked through our evaluation:

  1. Customer Feedback from Electric Car Guide: We surveyed users from our EV focus group. These insights offered us a firsthand view of real-world experiences and car leasing expectations, allowing us to frame our review around actual user needs and preferences.

  2. Reviews: We took into account both positive and negative reviews from Trustpilot. This provided a balanced perspective, acknowledging the praises and criticisms Jurni has received from a diverse range of customers.

  3. Comparison with Competitors: We compared Jurni Leasing’s features, offerings, and customer experience against their nearest electric car leasing market competitors. This enabled us to gauge Jurni Leasing’s standing in the industry, highlighting its strengths and areas for improvement.

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