Motor Source Group Salary Sacrifice Review: Pros, Cons & Features

Motor Source Group, is part of Forces Cars Direct. This was a company originally set up to provide vehicle sourcing and leasing services to armed forces veterans, these days the Motor Source Group Salary Sacrifice is open to applicants and businesses from any walk of life.

They are based in the heart of Lincoln at Building 2, Alumina Court on Tritton Road. Founded in 2001 by two UK Army veterans, the company has built its foundation on the values of support and assistance, echoing the service of its founders’ military careers.

Motor Source Group are trying to offer a full range of salary sacrifice solutions. Whether it’s for individual car buyers or businesses, large or small, their services can be tailored to meet a wide array of needs. 

They can help with facilitating new car purchases, leasing options, and even procuring quality used vehicles. They are an independent company which means they can partner with all major car manufacturers.

Best Rated EV Salary Sacrifice Scheme
The Electric Car Scheme Salary Sacrifice
  • Competitive Prices
    Any brand, every model

  • Complete Early Termination Protection
    From day 1

  • All-Inclusive Package
    EV, Breakdown Cover, Insurance & Home Charger

  • B Corp Certified Business
    Highlights a dedication to sustainable and ethical business practices

What’s Included With a Motor Source Group Salary Sacrifice?

The Motor Source Group Salary Sacrifice programme includes plenty of services and benefits:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance
    The programme includes full EV car insurance coverage.

  • Road Tax
    The monthly payment covers the cost of road tax.

  • Breakdown Cover
    For any unexpected issues, breakdown cover is included, providing assistance whenever needed.

  • MOT
    The programme covers the cost of the mandatory annual MOT tests, ensuring the vehicle remains roadworthy and compliant with UK standards.

  • Maintenance
    Regular maintenance is included, helping to keep the vehicle in optimal condition without extra costs.

  • Replacement Tyres
    The cost of replacing tyres is covered by The Motor Source Group.
  • Accident Assistance
    In the event of an accident, the programme provides necessary assistance.

How Do I Apply For the Motor Source Group Salary Sacrifice?

Applying for the Motor Source Group Salary Sacrifice is a straightforward process:

  1. Register Your Details
    Initially, you need to provide your details by filling out a registration form. This is the first step in initiating the process.

  2. Arrange a Demo
    After registering, you can arrange for a demonstration of their system. This demo will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how the platform works and what it offers.

  3. Platform Setup
    Once the demo is completed, Motor Source Group will take care of setting up your platform access.

  4. Team Access
    Your team will receive access to the platform. This allows everyone in your company to explore the available car options.

The application process for the Motor Source Group Salary Sacrifice is user-friendly and requires minimal effort from your end. With no cost involved in signing up and a dedicated team to assist you, it’s an easy option for companies looking to offer this benefit to their employees.

Motor Source Group Early Termination Protection

The Motor Source Group offers a no-penalty policy for early vehicle returns. This feature is unusual in the Salary Sacrifice space, with many providers charging a fee for early termination. This is particularly beneficial for clients whose circumstances might change, requiring them to give back the vehicle sooner than anticipated.

It shows that Motor Source Group have an ethical approach and an understanding of the unpredictable nature of both personal and professional life. It allows clients to make decisions that are best for their current situation without the concern of financial repercussions.

What EVs Does Motor Source Group Offer?

Motor Source Group offers a comprehensive range of hybrid and electric cars:

Full Range of Hybrid Vehicles
While not fully electric, hybrids still have reduced emissions, making them a great transition choice.

There are self-charging hybrids that have the convenience of not needing to be plugged in, as they recharge their batteries through regenerative braking and the engine. This option is ideal for those who want the benefits of a hybrid without the need for charging infrastructure.

For those looking for a hybrid with a longer electric-only driving range, plug-in hybrids are a better choice.

Full Range of Electric Vehicles
Motor Source Group offers a full range of electric vehicles.

Motor Source Group Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive Package
    The programme includes insurance, road tax, breakdown cover, MOT, maintenance, replacement tyres, and accident assistance, making it a hassle-free solution for vehicle leasing.

  • Wide Range of Vehicles
    A broad selection of hybrid and electric vehicles, including self-charging and plug-in options, cater to various preferences. Although they do not state that they have access to every single EV on the market, as some providers do.

  • No Early Termination Penalties
    This is a huge positive for Motor Source Group. The scheme has no penalties for early return of vehicles, accommodating the changing circumstances of clients.

  • Free and Easy Setup
    The programme is free to set up, and the process is straightforward, facilitating easy access for teams and businesses.


  • Lack of Scheme Information Online
    The absence of comprehensive details about the scheme on the Motor Source Group’s website can be a significant drawback. Potential clients might find it challenging to understand the full scope and benefits or negatives of the scheme without this information.

  • Absence of Car Cost Examples
    Without specific examples of car costs or pricing structures, it’s difficult for potential clients to gauge the financial implications of participating in the scheme.

  • No Eligibility Criteria Published for Businesses
    The website not providing clear eligibility information for businesses can be a barrier. Companies interested in the program need to know if they qualify and what requirements they must meet.

The Final Word on The Motor Source Group Salary Sacrifice

The Motor Source Group Salary Sacrifice Programme is new to the UK market and it presents a unique proposition for businesses and their employees with its generous approach to early termination and its all-inclusive offer.

The scheme has an all-inclusive package, covering everything from insurance to maintenance, and offers a hassle-free experience for users.

There is, however, a lack of detailed information available on their website, such as minimum contract lengths, specific car costs, and eligibility criteria for businesses. This poses a challenge for those conducting preliminary research – potential clients should seek further clarification and information directly from The Motor Source Group to make sure that the programme aligns with their specific requirements.

Help If You’re Struggling With Debt From Car Subscriptions or Leases

Late payments on car subscriptions or leases can lead to financial difficulties. If you find yourself struggling with debt from car subscriptions or leases, it is essential to seek professional guidance. Several debt advice services can help:

  • StepChange: StepChange offers debt management plans tailored to your situation
  • Citizens Advice: Offering free and confidential advice on managing debts.
  • National Debtline: National Debtline is a helpline specifically designed to assist with personal debt, including car subscription or lease obligations.
  • MoneyHelper (formerly The Money Advice Service): Providing tools and support to help you understand your options and make informed decisions.

Remember, the terms of car subscriptions and leases can vary significantly, so it’s really important to read and understand your specific agreements and obligations

The Motor Source Group Salary Sacrifice Review Methodology

At Electric Car Guide, our review of The Motor Source Group Salary Sacrifice was conducted with impartiality and an in-depth understanding of what electric car users value. Here’s how we worked through our evaluation:

  1. Customer Feedback from Electric Car Guide: We surveyed users from our EV focus group. These insights offered us a firsthand view of real-world experiences and car subscription expectations, allowing us to frame our review around actual user needs and preferences.
  2. Reviews: We took into account both positive and negative reviews from Trustpilot. This provided a balanced perspective, acknowledging the praises and criticisms The Motor Source Group Salary Sacrifice has received from a diverse range of customers.
  3. Comparison with Competitors: We compared The Motor Source Group’s Salary Sacrifice features, offerings, and customer experience against their nearest competitors in the electric car subscription market. This enabled us to gauge The Motor Source Group’s Salary Sacrifice standing in the industry, highlighting its strengths and areas for improvement.

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