Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice Review: Pros, Cons & Features

Octopus Electric Vehicles Leasing offers an EV leasing product with some serious added charging benefits: an all-inclusive EV package comprising the car, the charger, and the energy.

Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice
Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice Scheme
  • Free Ohme home charger
  • 4,000 free miles of charging
  • Intelligent Octopus EV tariff
  • Public charging via Octopus Electroverse
  • All EV's on the market
  • Built-in early termination protection

An EV leasing company rarely understands both vehicles and the energy that powers them. With its roots and connections with Octopus Energy, Octopus Electric Vehicles Leasing offers a car and a full-on EV ecosystem.

Octopus also provides one of the leading EV salary sacrifice schemes for UK businesses. It’s a 100% EV salary sacrifice program that allows employees to enjoy the tax benefits of salary sacrifice schemes within an all-inclusive car leasing package.

Octopus Electric Vehicles Leasing Pros & Cons


  • Generous charging perks
  • Comprehensive all-inclusive package
  • Diverse electric fleet
  • Salary Sacrifice Scheme


  • Upfront payment is required for personal contracts
  • Early termination fees

We selected these pros and cons based on the criteria that Electric Car Guide customers identified as the most important to them in our survey of EV owners. We also researched real-world customer reviews on Trustpilot (both positive and negative) and compared Octopus Electric Vehicles’ features with its nearest competitors.

Am I eligible for an Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice?

To be eligible for a lease from Octopus Electric Vehicles, you need to meet the following criteria:

Residency: You must live in the United Kingdom.
Driving License: You must have a full UK Driving Licence.
Insurance: You are required to maintain comprehensive EV insurance throughout the lease duration.

It’s important to note that depending on the specific leasing product you choose, there might be additional requirements. Carefully read the agreement you receive to fully understand these additional conditions.

If there are any changes in your circumstances or eligibility, you should try to inform Octopus Electric Vehicles immediately. Failure to maintain these eligibility criteria may result in Octopus Electric Vehicles terminating the agreement and collecting the car.

Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice features at a glance

ContractSalary Sacrifice Lease
Minimum term24 months
Early termination detailsFees apply when you terminate early unless you are on a Salary Sacrifice scheme. Your scheme may have early termination cover included - check your with your employer.
Deposit requiredSalary Sacrifice: No deposit required

Personal Contract: Minimum of 1-month upfront payment
Charging benefitsFree Home Charger
Octopus offers a complimentary Ohme charger with expert installation.

4,000 Free Miles
Octopus provides 4,000 free miles either via the Octopus Energy account or on the Electroverse charging network.
Number of models availableAll EV's on the market
Whats included?Car, Fully Comp Insurance (includes GAP cover), Service/Maintenance, Tyre and Brakes (Fair Wear and Tear), AA membership, £500 Damage Waiver (on top of BVRLA guidelines)
Trustpilot rating4.8 (March 2024)
Customer support optionsTelephone lines open Monday - Friday: 020 3870 3892.

Email support: [email protected]
Car purchase optionNo option to purchase at the end of a personal agreement.

If you are on a salary sacrifice scheme then Octopus will give you the option to buy. The price offered is based on the market at the time.
ProsCharging perks

Comprehensive package

Diverse fleet

Salary Sacrifice Scheme
ConsUpfront payment requirement for non-salary sacrifice customers

Early termination fees for personal contracts
EligibilityResidency: Must live in the UK.

Driving License: Hold a full UK Driving Licence.

Insurance: Maintain comprehensive motor insurance.

Terms: Review agreement for product-specific requirements and report any eligibility changes immediately.
Delivery costFree Delivery
Salary SacrificeOctopus offers an market leading salary sacrifice scheme, requiring employer enrollment and certain employee criteria.

Comprehensive EV Package: Participants receive a new EV, home charger, 4,000 miles of free charge, maintenance, and more, with potential insurance coverage based on employer discretion.

Built-in Early Termination Protection: Employees are protected against unforeseen circumstances, with terms varying based on employer's guidelines and situations like parental or sickness leave.

Flexible Return Policy: In the event of changes, such as long-term sickness or no longer needing the vehicle, employer's early termination protection can often fee free returns.

Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice full review

Octopus Electric Vehicles is a top-tier option in the EV leasing space, mainly thanks to its seamless integration with Octopus Energy.

This synergy provides customers with charging benefits, from free home chargers to generous mileage incentives. 

When you lease with Octopus, you’re not just getting a car; you’re plugging into a charging ecosystem backed by one of the UK’s leading energy suppliers.

Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice contract and early termination protection

Octopus Electric Vehicles offers a PCH (Personal Contract Hire) Lease. This contract type is specifically tailored for people who do not want to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease term. Instead, they can enjoy the benefits of driving a new electric vehicle without the long-term commitment of ownership.

If you join the salary sacrifice scheme, the contract is a Salary Sacrifice Lease agreement. Octopus does offer the option to purchase the car at the end of the term and will provide a price based on the market at the time.

The minimum term for an Octopus lease is set at 24 months and if you decide to exit the contract before 24 months, there is a penalty fee to pay.

Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice deposit

For a salary sacrifice agreement, there is no deposit requirement.

Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice charging benefits

This is where Octopus Electric Vehicles genuinely differentiates itself from other EV leasing companies. Octopus offers unparalleled charging benefits.

Home Charging
With Octopus, new EV drivers are immediately offered the option of one of the best home EV chargers on the market in the UK: The Ohme ePod or Ohme Home Pro charger.

The installation is handled by expert Octopus engineers who ensure that your EV charging station is set up optimally. While standard installation works for most customers, if your installation is non-standard or if you want a different charger model, there will be additional costs to pay.

Free Miles
Octopus offer a market-leading ‘free charging miles’ initiative.
You can opt for 4,000 free miles added to an Octopus Energy account by transitioning to the Intelligent Octopus EV tariff.

If you are not able to install a home charger in your driveway (don’t worry you can still charge your Octopus EV at home with a Granny Charger), Octopus has an alternative offer for you. They offer an equivalent of 4,000 free miles on the Electroverse charging network, translating to a handsome £600 in value. This promotion moves around a lot, adapting to energy price changes, so be sure to check out the charging promotions page on the Octopus site to get the most up-to-date information about the offer.

What’s included with Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice?

Octopus Electric Vehicles offers a comprehensive all-inclusive package, including:

  • Free home charger
    One of the fundamental requirements for an EV owner is a home charging solution. By including a free home charger in its leasing package, Octopus provides a smooth transition to electric car ownership.

  • 4,000 Free miles
    A generous 4,000 free charging miles

  • Maintenance & servicing
    With Octopus, regular maintenance, servicing and EV MOTs are part of the package.

  • Tyre replacements
    Replacing EV tyres can be an unexpected expense, so Octopus has added tyre replacements to its package.

  • AA Breakdown Cover
    Octopus partners with the AA to offer EV breakdown cover.

  • No hidden delivery costs
    Unlike some providers that can surprise clients with additional delivery charges, Octopus vehicle delivery comes with no hidden costs

Can I purchase the EV at the end of an agreement?

Not for those who opt for a personal agreement. Once the leasing term finishes, the EV returns to Octopus, as there isn’t an option to purchase it.

However, when it comes to the salary sacrifice scheme there is an option to purchase the car. Octopus will assess the current market value of the vehicle and offer you the appropriate price to purchase. This approach ensures that the price offered is fair and reflective of the vehicle’s present price if you were to buy it elsewhere.

Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice customer support

You can reach Octopus support via telephone (020 3870 3892) from Monday to Friday and via email at [email protected].

Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice options

Octopus offer a full-service Salary Sacrifice package.

Early termination protection
If, for any reason, the car needs to be returned before the end of the salary sacrifice agreement, then an early termination fee may be applicable. This depends on the protection plan the employer has in place. 

Octopus urges users to refer to their specific ‘Driver Handbook’ to understand what cover they have and check with their employer before agreeing.

Parental leave and financial protections
If a user goes on parental leave during their lease period, they have the option to retain the car and continue payments as long as it’s financially feasible.

If there are financial constraints where one’s salary goes below the minimum wage or only reaches statutory pay, Octopus offers a safety net. Users are covered for up to 12 months from the start of their leave.

Long-term sickness considerations
For those facing long-term health challenges, the scheme is structured to support them. If you can afford it, you can retain the car. If there are subsequent financial challenges, protection extends up to 3 months from the onset of prolonged sick leave (defined as a period exceeding 4 weeks).

What Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice Do Well

Charging perks
Octopus offers a free Ohme ePod or Ohme Home Pro home charger installed by their own in-house engineers.

Generous charging offers such as 4,000 free miles, either credited to an Octopus Energy account or on the Electroverse charging network.

Comprehensive package
Octopus provides a holistic leasing package that includes maintenance, servicing, tyre replacements, and AA breakdown cover, ensuring customers are well-taken care of throughout their lease.

Diverse fleet
With a choice of every single EV on the market, Octopus offers one of the most extensive selections in the UK, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.

Salary Sacrifice Scheme
A well-thought-out and comprehensive package that includes insurance (though optional for employers), maintenance, and other perks. Flexibility and protection are built into the scheme, with good provisions for parental leave and long-term sickness.

Where EV Salary Sacrifice Falls Short

Upfront payment requirement
An upfront payment of between 1 to 9 months is required for non salary sacrifice agreements.

Early termination fees
The potential early termination fees will deter some customers uncertain about a 24-month commitment.

What EVs do Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice offer?

Octopus EV offer access to every single EV on the market, here are the current listings you can choose from on the Octopus site:

  • Audi e-Tron GT: High-performance luxury sedan with cutting-edge tech.
  • Audi e-tron GT RS: Performance-driven version of Audi’s electric sedan.
  • Audi Q4 e-tron: Compact luxury SUV with advanced tech features.
  • Audi Q4 e-tron Estate Special Edition: Exclusive edition of the electric SUV.
  • Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback: Sleek version of Audi’s electric SUV.
  • Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback Special Edition: Exclusive sportback with standout features.
  • Audi Q8 e-tron: Luxurious full-size electric SUV.
  • Audi Q8 e-tron Sportback: Sportback design, electric luxury at its peak.
  • BMW i4: Dynamic electric sedan with iconic BMW styling.
  • BMW i7: Premium sedan, unlocks the largest tax saving via a BMW salary sacrifice.
  • BMW iX: Futuristic electric SUV, that blends luxury and performance.
  • BMW iX1: Compact electric SUV, a blend of agility and tech.
  • BMW iX3: Mid-sized electric SUV with classic BMW flair.
  • BYD ATTO 3: Affordable compact electric car from Chinese automaker.
  • Citroen e-C4: Stylish electric hatchback with unique design elements.
  • CUPRA Born: Sporty hatchback with a performance edge.
  • DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE: Luxurious compact SUV with a distinctive look.
  • Fiat 500e: Iconic compact car, now electric and chic.
  • Genesis eGV70: Luxurious midsize electric SUV with modern styling.
  • Genesis Electrified G80: Electric variant of Genesis’s flagship sedan.
  • Genesis GV60: High-end electric SUV, luxury meets performance.
  • Honda e: Compact city car, minimalist design, tech-rich.
  • Hyundai IONIQ 5: Futuristic hatchback, versatile and tech-laden.
  • Hyundai IONIQ 6: Electric sedan with a sleek, modern design.
  • Hyundai Kona Electric: Popular compact SUV with a significant range.
  • Jaguar I-PACE: Luxury electric SUV with dynamic performance.
  • KIA EV6: High-performance electric crossover, with modern aesthetics.
  • KIA Niro EV: Spacious electric SUV, family-friendly and efficient.
  • KIA Soul EV: Quirky design, compact electric SUV.
  • Lexus UX 300e: Premium compact SUV with Lexus refinement.
  • Mustang Mach-E: Iconic Mustang goes electric in SUV form.
  • Nissan Ariya: Futuristic electric SUV, spacious with tech upgrades.
  • Nissan LEAF: Pioneer of electric cars, practical and affordable.
  • Peugeot e-2008: Stylish compact electric SUV, versatile drive.
  • Polestar 2: Electric fastback, performance meets Scandinavian design.
  • Polestar 3: Upcoming luxury electric SUV from Polestar.
  • Porsche Taycan: High-performance electric sedan.
  • Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo: Off-road ready, sporty electric wagon.
  • Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo: Sporty estate variant of Taycan.
  • Renault Megane E-Tech: Electric hatchback, combining style with efficiency.
  • SKODA ENYAQ iV: Roomy electric SUV, modern and family-friendly.
  • SsangYong Korando e-Motion: Electric version of the popular Korando SUV.
  • Tesla Model 3: Renowned electric sedan, tech-heavy and efficient.
  • Tesla Model Y: Electric compact SUV, blending space and efficiency.
  • Toyota bZ4X: Toyota’s futuristic electric SUV offering.
  • Vauxhall Corsa-e: Electric variant of the popular Corsa, city-friendly.
  • Vauxhall Mokka-e: Stylish and compact electric SUV.
  • Volkswagen ID.3: Innovative electric hatchback, VW’s EV flagship.
  • Volkswagen ID.4: Electric SUV, spacious with VW reliability.
  • Volkswagen ID.5: Sleek electric coupe-SUV.
  • Volkswagen ID.Buzz: Electric revival of the iconic VW bus.
  • Volvo C40 Recharge: Sporty electric volvo salary sacrifice, with premium features abound.
  • Volvo XC40 Recharge: Electric version of Volvo’s popular XC40 SUV.

The final word on Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice

Octopus Electric Vehicles is a front-runner in the EV leasing space. Their backing of Octopus Energy gives them charging incentives that are both generous and tailored to individual needs, like the complimentary Ohme ePod or Ohme Home Pro charger installation by Octopus engineers.

They offer a comprehensive leasing package. It bundles free home charging, an attractive 4,000 miles of free charge, meticulous EV maintenance & servicing, timely tyre replacements, dependable AA breakdown cover, and no hidden delivery costs. 

Their diverse fleet, boasting access to all EVs, ensures that customers have a wide array of options to choose from. They offer flexible contracts, allowing potential customers to choose their upfront payment, spanning from 1 to 9 months, and to select lease lengths from 2 to 4 years. There is no need to pay anything upfront if you are joining the Octopus salary sacrifice scheme.

However, while the offerings are vast and flexible, they do come with some considerations. You can’t buy the EV with a personal contract and the potential penalties associated with early termination are considerations for customers.

As always customers should be aware of these finer contractual details, however, the charging benefits and add-ons still make Octopus Electric Vehicles stand out as a leading EV leasing option in the UK.

Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice
Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice Scheme
  • Free Ohme home charger
  • 4,000 free miles of charging
  • Intelligent Octopus EV tariff
  • Public charging via Octopus Electroverse
  • All EV's on the market
  • Built-in early termination protection

Help if you’re struggling with debt from car subscriptions or leases

Late payments on car subscriptions or leases can lead to financial difficulties. If you find yourself struggling with debt from car subscriptions or leases, it is essential to seek professional guidance. Several debt advice services can help:

  • StepChange: StepChange offers debt management plans tailored to your situation
  • Citizens Advice: Offering free and confidential advice on managing debts.
  • National Debtline: National Debtline is a helpline specifically designed to assist with personal debt, including car subscription or lease obligations.
  • MoneyHelper (formerly The Money Advice Service): Providing tools and support to help you understand your options and make informed decisions.

Remember, the terms of car subscriptions and leases can vary significantly, so it’s really important to read and understand your specific agreements and obligations.

Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice review methodology

At Electric Car Guide, our review of Octopus Electric Vehicles was conducted with impartiality and an in-depth understanding of what electric car users value. Here’s how we worked through our evaluation:

  1. Customer Feedback from Electric Car Guide: We surveyed users from our EV focus group. These insights offered us a firsthand view of real-world experiences and car subscription expectations, allowing us to frame our review around actual user needs and preferences.

  2. Reviews: We took into account both positive and negative reviews from Trustpilot. This provided a balanced perspective, acknowledging the praises and criticisms Octopus Electric Vehicles has received from a diverse range of customers.

  3. Comparison with Competitors: We compared Octopus Electric Vehicles’ features, offerings, and customer experience against their nearest competitors in the electric car subscription market. This enabled us to gauge Octopus Electric Vehicles standing in the industry, highlighting its strengths and areas for improvement.

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