Pink Salary Exchange Salary Sacrifice Review: Pros, Cons & Features

Pink Salary Exchange is the Salary Sacrifice arm of Pink Car Leasing. 

Pink Salary Exchange is more than just a salary sacrifice car scheme; it’s a fully managed, comprehensive solution crafted by the experts at Pink Car Leasing. With an impressive track record of supplying over 5,000 new cars annually, Pink Car Leasing is one of the UK’s leading car leasing companies. 

The standout feature of Pink Salary Exchange is its flexibility and inclusivity. Whether you’re interested in a short-term commitment of just 6 months or a longer 48-month lease, the scheme accommodates all options.

The choice between new and used cars, including the latest electric and hybrid models, ensures that every need and budget is catered to. Pink Salary Exchange uses a select panel of funders, guaranteeing the most competitive rates for each vehicle, thereby maximizing savings for both employers and employees – they claim these can often save 25% compared to other schemes.

From startups with a single employee to large corporations with a workforce of 10,000, the scheme is designed to fit into any organizational structure, and Pink Salary Exchange claims they can get a scheme set up in less than 8 hours!

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The Electric Car Scheme Salary Sacrifice
  • Competitive Prices
    Any brand, every model

  • Early Termination Protection
    From day 1 (excludes resignations)

  • All-Inclusive Package
    EV, Breakdown Cover, Insurance & Home Charger

  • B Corp Certified Business
    Highlights a dedication to sustainable and ethical business practices

Am I Eligible for the Pink Salary Exchange Salary Sacrifice Scheme?

Unlike many other salary exchange programs, Pink Salary Exchange welcomes businesses of virtually any size.

This scheme is not limited to large corporations or medium-sized businesses. It breaks the conventional barriers by accepting businesses with as many as just one employee. 

This inclusive policy makes Pink Salary Exchange an option for small businesses, startups, and even sole traders who are often overlooked by traditional salary exchange schemes.

Pink Salary Exchange Pros & Cons


  • Quick Scheme Implementation Time
  • Generous Early Termination Protection
  • Flexible Contracts
  • Comprehensive Salary Sacrifice Scheme
  • Digital-First Approach


  • Dependence on Digital Skillset
  • No Purchase Option at End of Agreement

Pink Salary Exchange Full Review

Pink Salary Exchange Early Termination Protection

Pink Salary Exchange provides early termination protection within its salary sacrifice scheme. This is protection for employees who move jobs during the term of the agreement.

This flexibility means that employees are not tied to a contract and lease costs in the event of a job change. Pink Salary Exchange lets you return the vehicle without any associated termination fee.

Pink Salary Exchange Deposit Requirement

Pink Salary Exchange’s scheme does not ask for an initial deposit.

Traditionally, car leasing arrangements often require an upfront payment. Pink Salary Exchange has no deposit requirement, thereby opening the door for more employees to benefit from the scheme without the need for an upfront outlay.

What’s Included in Pink Salary Exchange?

Pink Salary Exchange is a fully-integrated solution designed to streamline the salary sacrifice process for employers and employees. This comprehensive package includes a range of features, including:

  • All-Inclusive Scheme
    Pink Salary Exchange scheme includes maintenance, insurance, and road tax. This means that participants have fewer additional costs to worry about as it’s all bundled into the lease price.
  • Access to a Wide Range of Cars
    The scheme offers access to an array of new EVs and hybrids.
  • Flexible Contracts
    Pink Salary Exchange offers flexible contract lengths ranging from 6 to 48 months. This flexibility caters to various personal circumstances, allowing participants to choose a contract that best fits their needs.

  • Full Digital Set-Up and Support
    The fully managed process of Pink Salary Exchange is done online, ensuring speed, efficiency, and convenience. From the initial setup to ongoing management, the digital approach streamlines the process, making it user-friendly and time-efficient.

  • Rapid Implementation
    Remarkably, the entire scheme can be up and running in just 8 hours.

  • Customer Online Management Portal
    Each customer of Pink Salary Exchange is provided with their own branded microsite. This digital platform serves as a central hub for managing the scheme, offering numerous functionalities:

    • Employee Invitations: Employers can easily send invitations to their employees to join the scheme.
    • Document Management: The portal holds all required scheme documents and templates, streamlining administration.
    • Scheme Data Access: Employers have access to all data related to the scheme.
    • Quotation and Ordering Tools: The platform includes tools for obtaining quotes and placing orders.
    • Order and Vehicle Updates: Employers can receive updates on orders and live vehicle statuses.

Pink Salary Exchange Customer Support

Pink Salary Exchange offers a variety of customer support options designed to cater to the preferences of its clients. 

Email Support
Pink Salary Exchange provides a dedicated email address: [email protected].

Telephone Support
To speak directly with a customer service representative, Pink Salary Exchange has a dedicated phone line. Customers can call 0116 2488 148.

Tickling HQ,
Meridian Business Park,
Harcourt Way,
LE19 1WP.

Online Contact Form
Pink Salary Exchange also offers an online contact form.

Applying for Pink Salary Sacrifice

A Pink Salary Exchange application can be completed in just three simple steps:

  1. Step One: Submit Your Application
    The first step in the process is to fill out a quick application form. This form is designed to gather essential information about your company, including the company name, contact details, the number of employees, and the company registration number. Completing this form is the initial step towards creating your personalised salary sacrifice management system.

  2. Step Two: Quick Validation and Portal Access
    Once you have applied, Pink Salary Exchange need to validate your application. This part is quick, within just one hour, you will receive your login details for Pink Salary Exchange’s secure website.

    This speedy turnaround time demonstrates the efficiency of the Pink Salary Exchange team. With these login details, you gain access to your exclusive salary sacrifice portal, a digital platform where you can manage and oversee the entire scheme.

  3. Step Three: Approval and Scheme Activation
    The final step in the application process is the approval and activation of your salary sacrifice car scheme. Within 8 working hours from the start of the application, your fully managed, live salary sacrifice car scheme will be up and running. 

    Throughout the application process, Pink Salary Exchange offers support (it’s not all digital if you need help!). Should you have any issues or questions, the team is available. You can reach out via phone at 0116 2488148 or via email at [email protected].

What the Pink Salary Exchange Does Well

Quick Scheme Implementation Time
The Pink Salary Exchange has a really streamlined application process. From the moment a company submits its application, the wheels are set in motion quickly. Employers receive login details for the salary sacrifice portal within just one hour of application submission.

Once the application process is complete, it takes a mere 8 working hours to have a fully managed, live salary sacrifice car scheme up and running. 

Generous Early Termination Protection
The Pink Salary Exchange offers generous early termination protection, a feature that adds a layer of security and flexibility for employees participating in the scheme.

Pink Salary Exchange offers an early termination service that allows employees to end their lease agreement if they leave their company. When an employee leaves their company, they can return the leased vehicle without any termination fee.

Flexible Contracts
The scheme’s flexible contract lengths (from 6 to 48 months) cater to a variety of needs, making it accessible and suitable for a wide audience.

Comprehensive Salary Sacrifice Scheme
The all-inclusive scheme covers maintenance, insurance, and road tax. 

Digital-First Approach
The fully digital setup and management process is convenient for users, plus the online management portal streamlines the administration of the scheme and provides easy access to important documents and tools.

Where the Pink Salary Exchange Falls Short

Dependence on Digital Skillset
Since the scheme operates largely on a digital platform, it requires a certain level of comfort and proficiency with digital tools and online management systems.

This could be a barrier for people who are less comfortable with or lack access to digital technology.

No Purchase Option at End of Agreement
One limitation of the Pink Salary Exchange scheme is the lack of an option to purchase the car at the end of the leasing agreement. Other schemes do offer this within the scheme.

The Final Word on Pink Salary Exchange Salary Sacrifice Scheme

The Pink Salary Exchange scheme offers a quality and flexible salary sacrifice solution. This scheme has inclusive eligibility criteria, quick turnaround time, and strong customer support.

Its flexible contract lengths starting at just 6 months set it apart from many standard offerings in the market. This level of flexibility is relatively uncommon in the industry, where the norm is often a minimum of 24 months. Such short-term contracts are especially beneficial for businesses and individuals seeking temporary vehicle solutions or those who prefer not to commit to long-term agreements.

Another major advantage of Pink Salary Exchange is its generous early termination protection. This feature is particularly valuable in today’s dynamic job market, where career changes are frequent.

Pink Salary Exchange allows participants to end their lease agreement without incurring significant penalties if they leave their company.

While these features make Pink Salary Exchange an attractive option for many, it’s important to remember that it may not cater to everyone’s needs. The absence of a purchase option at the end of the lease is a consideration to bear in mind.

In summary, the Pink Salary Exchange scheme offers flexibility with its short-term contracts and provides excellent security with its early termination protection. These features, coupled with its inclusive eligibility criteria, make it stand out as one of our best salary sacrifice car schemes.

Help if You’re Struggling With Debt From Car Subscriptions or Leases

Late payments on car subscriptions or leases can lead to financial difficulties. If you find yourself struggling with debt from car subscriptions or leases, it is essential to seek professional guidance. Several debt advice services can help:

  • StepChange: StepChange offers debt management plans tailored to your situation
  • Citizens Advice: Offering free and confidential advice on managing debts.
  • National Debtline: National Debtline is a helpline specifically designed to assist with personal debt, including car subscription or lease obligations.
  • MoneyHelper (formerly The Money Advice Service): Providing tools and support to help you understand your options and make informed decisions.

Remember, the terms of car subscriptions and leases can vary significantly, so it’s really important to read and understand your specific agreements and obligations.

Pink Salary Exchange Review Methodology

At Electric Car Guide, our review of Pink Salary Exchange was conducted with impartiality and an in-depth understanding of what electric car users value. Here’s how we worked through our evaluation:

  1. Customer Feedback from Electric Car Guide: We surveyed users from our EV focus group. These insights offered us a firsthand view of real-world experiences and car subscription expectations, allowing us to frame our review around actual user needs and preferences.
  2. Reviews: We took into account both positive and negative reviews from Trustpilot. This provided a balanced perspective, acknowledging the praises and criticisms Pink Salary Exchange has received from a diverse range of customers.
  3. Comparison with Competitors: We compared Pink Salary Exchanges’ features, offerings, and customer experience against their nearest competitors in the electric car subscription market. This enabled us to gauge Pink Salary Exchange Salary Sacrifice Schemes standing in the industry, highlighting its strengths and areas for improvement.

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