Where to Find EV Charger Installation Jobs

According to Zap Map statistics, the UK is gaining 1500 new public EV charge points every single month. The EV market is booming and with that comes job opportunities for installers and support staff across the county.

Our guide to installation jobs investigates the role of an EV charger installer, the salary range, and the qualifications needed. We also showcase who the leading employers for EV installation are in the UK.

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Where can I find EV charger installation jobs?

You can find UK EV charger installation jobs in the following locations:

  1. Dedicated EV charger recruitment job sites (EV iNSTALLERS)
  2. Technical recruitment job sites (Rise Technical)
  3. Green energy recruitment job sites (Green Jobs, The Green Recruitment Company)
  4. Direct with EV suppliers (BPpulse, Wallbox, Anderson, Podpoint)
  5. Generalist recruitment sites (Jooble, Reed, Glassdoor, Indeed)

What does an EV charger installer do?

An EV charger installer is a qualified electrician who has chosen to specialise in EV charger installation via additional training. Check out our training guide if you are looking to take an EV charger installation course.

Depending on the size of the employer, an EV charger installer could be responsible for the entire customer journey including the initial enquiry, the quote, the physical installation and the after-service and OZEV grant application.

Let’s break this down further.

EV installer customer advice

At this stage the customer may be researching costs or be ready to commit, depending on what stage of the buying cycle they are on the EV installer will need to provide expert advice on:

  • The type of EV charger the customer is interested in, the pros and cons and the cost
  • What type of electric car the customer has and the suitability of the unit
  • How to maintain the EV charger to keep it in working order

Quoting for an EV charger installation

To provide customers with an accurate quote to install a home EV charger, the EV charger installer would likely need to visit the site to provide a survey, this will assess the location and suitability of the installation (although this can be completed remotely via photographs).

The installer will need to assess the technical challenges of the cable route along with the suitability of the consumer unit. They should also identify any additional work that is deemed necessary and revise the quote accordingly.

black ford mustang EV on a driveway
EV installers advise customers about a vehicles charging requirements

Installing an EV charger

To successfully install an EV charger the installer will be expected to complete the following tasks:

  • Run a safety test of the household electrical system
  • Attach the EV charge point to the wall (or upstand if required)
  • Cable the unit to the household consumer unit (including any drilling or conduit work required)
  • Complete any pre-agreed work to the consumer unit that is required
  • Fit the connections and test the system
  • Set up the customer EV charging app and demonstrate the system
  • Answer on-site customer queries relating to the unit
  • Provide an EV installation safety certificate

Applying for an OZEV grant on behalf of customers

EV charge point installers are expected to apply for the EVHS grant on behalf of customers and factor this into the pricing of the installation cost. The installer will need the customer’s permission to do this and several conditions need to be met to qualify, you can find a full overview of the EVHS grant scheme on the government’s website.

What is the salary of an EV charger installer?

The leading UK job sites publish their average EV charger installer salary based on the jobs that are posted live on their site at any one time. We took the average from the 4 leading sites (Talent.com £34.25k, Indeed £34.5k, Reed £41.9k, Glassdoor £36.5k) and calculated that the current average salary for an EV charger installer is £36.8k.

These figures represent the average salaries and will vary depending on several factors, including the candidate’s level of experience, qualifications, location, company size, and industry demand. Other factors such as additional benefits, bonuses, and overtime can also influence the total compensation package.

What tax can you expect to pay on a £36.8k salary in the UK?

We ran this figure through the UK gov tax calculator, here are the results:

  • The estimated yearly take-home pay is £28,745.32 a year
  • The deductions are estimated as £4,844.30 Income Tax & £3,210.48
  • Per month this is £2,395.45
  • Per week it’s £552.79

*Note this is an estimate based on a default tax code of 1257L, a non-pension age and a non-Scottish tax rate.

What qualifications does an EV charger installer need?

To qualify as an electric car charger installer in the UK, you will need to train and qualify as an electrician first. According to the Indeed.com guide to becoming an electrician, there are four main steps on the road to full qualification:

  1. Finish your GCSEs. To apply for a level 2 technical college course, you will be required to hold 2 GCSEs in grades 9 to 3. 4 GCSEs are required for a level 3 college.

  2. Take the domestic electrical installer course. The course takes four weeks, it does not lead to a full qualification but you will be able to complete smaller residential jobs and join industry organisations.

  3. Become a trainee. You can work as a trainee alongside your college course to gain experience and upskill alongside qualified electricians.

  4. Complete an NVQ. You must complete a level 2 diploma in Electrical installation or a level 3 in electrical engineering. Once you have 2 years experience you can join the competent persons register to sign off work as a qualified electrician.

Specialising as an EV charger installer

Once you have qualified as an electrician you can complete the extra training required to become an EV charger installer. There are  3 City & Guilds qualifications currently offered:

2921-31 Design and installation of domestic and small commercial electric vehicle charging installations

2921-32 Design and Quality Assurance of large-scale electric vehicle charging installations

2921-33 Installation and maintenance of large-scale electric vehicle charging installations

Are there specialist recruiters for EV charger installers?

There are specialist job boards for EV installers, we like the  EV iNSTALLERS jobs & recruitment board. This is a brilliant resource with a comprehensive range of current UK opportunities for trainees and experienced EV installers alike. 

Beyond EV-specific boards, there is a range of jobs board for Green energy recruiters who are worth checking out for EV-specific roles, such as Green jobs and The Green Recruitment Company. There are also broader technical recruitment agencies such as Rise technical.

You will also find EV charger installer jobs listed on the major national job boards such as Reed, Indeed, Linkedin & Glassdoor.

EV charging Jobs with EV charger companies

You can find postings for EV charger installation jobs directly on the websites of the leading EV charger suppliers. There are several leading UK installers of EV chargers to consider when searching for jobs:

  1. Pod Point
    Pod Point is one of the largest EV charging companies in the UK. They provide charging solutions for both residential and commercial customers, including workplaces, public locations, and fleet operators.

  2. Chargemaster
    Chargemaster, now owned by BP Pulse, is a major provider of EV charging infrastructure in the UK. They offer a range of solutions, including home charging units and public charging networks.

  3. Rolec EV
    Rolec EV is a UK-based manufacturer and provider of EV charging solutions. They offer a wide range of charging units.

  4. EO Charging
    EO Charging is a UK-based company specialising in the design and manufacture of EV charging stations. They provide products like home chargers, commercial chargers, and fleet charging solutions.

  5. Andersen EV
    Andersen EV is known for its premium EV charging points and charging accessories. They offer high-quality, stylish charging units designed for residential and commercial use.

  6. Wallbox
    Wallbox is a global provider of EV charging solutions, including fast chargers, home chargers, and commercial chargers.

  7. ABB
    ABB is a multinational company that provides a range of electrical equipment, including EV charging solutions. They offer fast chargers, public charging stations, and charging infrastructure management systems.

  8. Schneider Electric
    Schneider Electric is a global company that provides a variety of electrical solutions, including EV charging infrastructure.

  9. EVBox
    EVBox is a significant provider of EV charging equipment. They offer a range of charging stations and charging management solutions for residential, commercial, and public use.

BP Pulse claims to be building the fastest network of charging solutions in the UK. They have a dedicated BP pulse careers resource page where you can learn more about the types of opportunities available and the current vacancies.

The Wallbox careers page showcases the benefits and perks of working for the business along with a list of the current EV charger job openings.

EV charger manufacturer Anderson is expanding in the UK and has created an enquiry form for various UK EV job opportunities

a bp pulse charger on the street of london
BP Pulse is the fastest-growing charger provider in the UK

Trainee EV charger jobs

There are trainee EV charging jobs available in the UK. As the demand for electric cars and charging infrastructure continues to grow, there is a growing demand for skilled EV charger installers. Many companies offer trainee programs or entry-level positions specifically aimed at individuals looking to start a career in EV charging installation or related roles.

These trainee positions often provide on-the-job training and may require a basic understanding of electrical systems or qualifications in electrical engineering or a related field. They can be a great opportunity for individuals who are interested in the EV industry but may not have prior experience in installing EV chargers.

The final word on where to find EV charger installation jobs

The role of an EV charger installer is varied and the skills required to succeed go beyond just installing a piece of electrical equipment, you need to be able to communicate with a customer and be able to solve any problems that will undoubtedly arise during the installation process.

To install EV charge units in the UK, you should first qualify as an electrician and then continue to specialise and complete 3 x City & Guilds qualifications (2921-31, 2921-32, 2921-33).

Once you are fully qualified there is a range of places to find EV charger installation jobs:

  • Specialist EV charger recruitment job sites
  • Specialist technical recruitment job sites
  • Specialist Green Energy recruitment job sites
  • Dedicated EV suppliers
  • Generalist recruitment sites

Good luck with your search!

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