Workplace EV Charging Policy for UK Businesses

Creating a Workplace Electric car charging policy for your business? Our guide walks you through the considerations you will need to address, such as access, cost, fair usage and maintenance.

We also provide a basic workplace EV charger template you can copy from our site and use within your own business.

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What does a workplace EV charging policy do?

A Workplace EV Charger Policy is a set of guidelines that provide businesses with a framework with which to govern the installation, use, and management of electric EV charging stations in the workplace.

It should outline the procedures and protocols related to workplace EV charging, whether it be a leased company EV or an employee’s personal EV, to ensure smooth operations, fairness, and efficiency for employees and the business.

What should be included in a workplace EV charger policy?

In order to establish clear guidelines and procedures for your EV chargers, business owners should consider the following questions:

Charger installation

  • How many workplace charging stations should be installed?
  • Where should the charging stations be located on the premises?
  • What types of charging cables should be provided?
  • What electrical upgrades, such as work to the consumer unit or 3-phase power upgrades, are necessary for installation?

Usage and access

  • Who is eligible to use the workplace charging stations?
  • Are there any priority or reservation systems in place?
  • How will the charging stations be accessed and monitored (e.g., RFID cards, mobile apps, scheduling systems)?
  • Are there any restrictions on charging duration or charging frequency?

Charging etiquette

  • Are there guidelines for employees to efficiently use the charging stations and avoid unnecessary idle time?
  • Are there provisions to discourage unplugging or interrupting ongoing charging sessions?
  • How will employees be encouraged to notify others when they no longer require a charging spot?


  • Will there be a cost associated with using workplace charging stations?
  • How will the cost be calculated and allocated (e.g., flat fee, pay-per-use, reimbursement)?
  • What billing and payment mechanisms will be employed?
  • What are the BIK considerations for EV charging?

Staff safety

  • What safety protocols should users follow when connecting and disconnecting their vehicles from the chargers?
  • How should employees report any issues, malfunctions, or damage related to the charging stations?
  • Who will be responsible for routine maintenance, repairs, and inspection of the charging infrastructure?
  • Are there guidelines for handling emergency situations, such as accidents or electrical incidents?

Employee communication

  • How will employees be informed about the availability, usage guidelines, and benefits of workplace chargers?
  • What resources or training will be provided to educate employees on EV charging best practices?
  • Are there channels for feedback and suggestions regarding the workplace charging infrastructure?

Workplace EV charging policy template UK

The template below is a Workplace EV Charger Policy that you can use as a basic template to help your business establish initial guidelines for EV charging.

It is a starting point to help businesses get off the ground with their EV charging initiatives. This template policy will not address all specific legal requirements or encompass all necessary considerations for your particular business.

EV charging policies may vary depending on the unique circumstances of your business. For comprehensive guidance tailored to your specific needs, it is strongly recommended to consult with legal professionals who can provide help drafting a policy that covers all the necessary aspects for your business’s specific circumstances.

[Business Name] Workplace EV Charger Policy

Effective Date: [Date]

[Business Name] is committed to promoting sustainable transportation options and supporting the use of electric vehicles (EVs) among its employees. This Workplace EV Charger Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for the installation, usage, and management of EV charging stations within the workplace.

Charger Installation
[Business Name] will install EV charging stations at designated locations within the premises to accommodate employee charging needs.

The number and types of charging stations will be determined based on demand and available resources.

The installation will comply with relevant electrical codes and safety regulations.

Usage and Access
Charging stations are primarily intended for employee use, promoting convenient and sustainable commuting options.

Eligible users will be provided with access cards or other authorised means to operate the charging stations.

Priority may be given to employees with electric vehicles, but access will be available to all employees on a fair and equitable basis.

Charging Etiquette and Considerations
Users are encouraged to promptly vacate charging spots once their EVs are adequately charged to maximize availability for other employees.

Idle EVs should be moved from charging spots to allow others to utilize the stations.

Unplugging or interrupting ongoing charging sessions without authorisation is prohibited.

Payment and Cost Allocation
[Business Name] will cover the cost of electricity consumed by employees while using workplace charging stations.

Charging services are provided as a benefit to employees, and no direct payment will be required.

Safety and Maintenance
Employees must follow safe charging practices, including proper connection and disconnection of their vehicles from the charging stations.

Any issues or malfunctions with the charging stations should be immediately reported to the facilities or maintenance department.

[Business Name] will ensure routine inspection, maintenance, and repairs of the charging infrastructure to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Employee Communication
[Business Name] will provide employees with information and resources on EV charging guidelines, best practices, and benefits.

Educational materials, training sessions, or workshops may be organised to promote awareness and understanding of EV charging systems.

Policy Review
This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with evolving industry standards and regulations.

By adhering to this Workplace EV Charger Policy, we aim to foster a sustainable and supportive environment for EV adoption, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to a greener future.





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