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Best Home EV Charger Installation Guide

The Best Home Installation guide is your starting point as a new EV owner.

You will learn the types of charging options available, how to plan the installation of a home charger and compare the best companies for the installation of your home EV charger.

This guide will help you along every step of charging your EV at home.

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Preparing for Installation: EV Charger Requirements

This article takes you through the EV charger installation requirements in the UK, with an in-depth dive into the requirements for each stage of the installation process. What are the EV charger installation requirements? The requirements to install an EV charger in the UK are: Where to Install an EV … Read more

Type 1 Vs Type 2 EV Charging Cable

Type 1 and Type 2 charging cables both serve the same fundamental purpose – letting you charge your EV – they differ in significant ways, including their design, performance, and geographical usage. In this article, we compare the Type 1 EV cable with the Type 2 EV cable. We look … Read more

How to Get 3 Phase Power at Home

If you are considering the installation of a fast 22kW EV home charger you may need to upgrade your current power supply from single phase to 3-phase. This guide will help you understand your current setup and the steps for upgrading your supply to 3-phase power. How to get 3-phase … Read more

How Fast Can You Charge Your Electric Car at Home?

It’s important for EV owners to understand how fast EVs can be charged from home. How long it takes to fully charge depends on both the EV battery power and the power output of the charging unit. This article explores exactly how fast you can expect your home charger to … Read more

The Best EV Granny Chargers 2023

The Granny Charger is a 3-Pin EV charger that is used to charge an electric car directly from a 13 amp socket. The best Granny Chargers are durable, portable, and capable of providing a charging solution for EV owners who do not have dedicated home chargers. While they may not … Read more

Which Supermarkets Currently Offer Free EV Charging?

Electric vehicle charging stations are popping up at many UK supermarkets, creating a convenient way for shoppers to top-up charge their EV. It’s just as necessary to shop for food every week as it is to charge your vehicle, so supermarket EV charging stations are the perfect combination. Which supermarkets … Read more

What is a Smart EV Charger?

With the rise of EVs comes a great deal of new terminology that can sometimes leave new EV owners scratching their heads. So let’s answer the question: What is a smart EV charger? How does it differ from regular EV chargers? And most importantly, what makes it ‘smart’? This article … Read more

Best EV Charger Installation UK November 2023

Finding the best EV charger installation can be challenging as there is a wide selection of installers offering different services for different prices. So where should you start? Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best home charger installation in the UK. We’ve conducted a full comparison of the UK’s … Read more

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