The Best EV Salary Sacrifice Schemes November 2023

The best EV salary sacrifice schemes provide a win-win tax solution for both employers and employees. Through this arrangement, an employee agrees to sacrifice a portion of their salary in exchange for the non-cash benefit of driving an electric car.

Our best EV salary sacrifice schemes in 2023 were selected based on feedback from Electric Car Guides focus group, from real-world reviews and an assessment of each provider’s performance for the following criteria: electric vehicle fleet range, EV inclusive services, EV lease duration, mileage limits, EV charger offers or benefits, early termination protection policy and customer support.

We have done the groundwork for you by comparing the pros, cons and product features of every available EV salary sacrifice scheme in 2023 in order to shortlist only the providers who offer the very best EV salary sacrifice scheme.

ProviderEditors Salary Sacrifice PicksCheck DealsCheck Deals
Octopus EV

Octopus EV

  • Free home charger

  • 4000 Free miles of charging

  • EV Energy Tariff 

  • Public charging via Octopus Electroverse


  • Generous early termination protection

  • Access to new and used EVs

  • Ethical ‘Bcorp’ business

  • Option to include car insurance

The best EV salary sacrifice schemes 2023

The best EV salary sacrifice schemes were chosen because they offer the best range of electric cars, comprehensive services, contract flexibility, customer early termination protection and solid customer support:

Octopus electric vehicle logo

Octopus Electric Vehicles Salary Sacrifice

Best for: Free charging & EV tariff bundle
Full Review: Octopus Electric Vehicles

Octopus Electric Vehicles

Octopus Electric Vehicles

  • Free Home Charger & 4000 Free Miles
    Octopus offers a free home charger with standard installation & 4,000 free miles of home charging on Intelligent Octopus

  • 4000 Free Miles of Public Charging
    No off-street parking? Then Octopus offer 4,000 free miles on their Electroverse charging network

  • Breakdown Cover and Maintenance included, plus replacement tyres every 20,000 miles

Octopus Electric Vehicles provides an all-encompassing, user-friendly solution for those considering an EV salary sacrifice scheme, with impressive perks and an emphasis on ease and convenience.

The package is impressively holistic, including a brand-new electric vehicle, home charger, energy, insurance, servicing, maintenance, EV breakdown cover, and tyres – truly the whole lot.

In addition, they offer 4,000 free miles of home charging with Intelligent Octopus.

Their package comes with comprehensive insurance and AA breakdown cover. The scheme promises an easy set-up process and quick implementation – you could be on the road in as little as two weeks.

ContractSalary Sacrifice Lease
Minimum term24 months
Early terminiation detailsFees apply when you terminate early unless you are on a Salary Sacrifice scheme. Your scheme may have early termination cover included - check your with your employer.
Deposit requiredSalary Sacrifice: No deposit required

Personal Contract: Minimum of 1-month upfront payment
Charging benefitsFree Home Charger
Octopus offers a complimentary Ohme charger with expert installation.

4,000 Free Miles
Octopus provides 4,000 free miles either via the Octopus Energy account or on the Electroverse charging network.
Number of models availableAll EV's on the market
Whats included?Car, Fully Comp Insurance (includes GAP cover), Service/Maintenance, Tyre and Brakes (Fair Wear and Tear), AA membership, £500 Damage Waiver (on top of BVRLA guidelines)
Trustpilot rating4.8 (November 2023)
Customer support optionsTelephone lines open Monday - Friday: 020 3870 3892.

Email support: [email protected]
Car purchase optionNo option to purchase at the end of a personal agreement.

If you are on a salary sacrific scheme then Octopus will give you the option to buy. The price offered is based on the market at the time.
ProsCharging perks

Comprehensive package

Diverse fleet

Salary Sacrifice Scheme
ConsUpfront payment requirement for non-salary sacrifice customers

Early termination fees for personal contracts
EligibilityResidency: Must live in the UK.

Driving License: Hold a full UK Driving Licence.

Insurance: Maintain comprehensive motor insurance.

Terms: Review agreement for product-specific requirements and report any eligibility changes immediately.
Delivery costFree Delivery
Salary SacrificeOctopus offers an market leading salary sacrifice scheme, requiring employer enrollment and certain employee criteria.

Comprehensive EV Package: Participants receive a new EV, home charger, 4,000 miles of free charge, maintenance, and more, with potential insurance coverage based on employer discretion.

Built-in Early Termination Protection: Employees are protected against unforeseen circumstances, with terms varying based on employer's guidelines and situations like parental or sickness leave.

Flexible Return Policy: In the event of changes, such as long-term sickness or no longer needing the vehicle, employer's early termination protection can often fee free returns.

Love electric logo

Love Electric Salary Sacrifice

Best for: Cheap Home Charger Bundle
Full Review: Loveelectric Salary Sacrifice

Loveelectric Salary Sacrifice

Loveelectric Salary Sacrifice

  • Cost-neutral to businesses: fees are deducted from employees' NIC savings

  • Early Termination Protection: 1 month fee payable if circumstances change

  • Access to every EV on the market

  • Maintenance, breakdown, glass, tyres and servicing included

  • Fully comprehensive car insurance can be added with the flick of a switch at checkout

Loveelectric promises no hidden charges or artificially low monthly fees tied to hefty deposits, making their pricing approach clear and straightforward.

LoveElectric commits 10% of its profits to charity, so you can contribute to a good cause while benefiting from a Salary Sacrifice. If you add a home charger to the order you only pay £500, that’s 50% off the current retail price.

LoveElectric’s salary sacrifice scheme offers an appealing mix of price transparency, cost-effectiveness, and corporate responsibility. They have access to every single EV on the market and a strong early termination protection of just 1 month’s cost, demonstrating their position as an ethical Bcorp business.

ContractSalary Sacrifice Lease
Minimum term12 months: You can cancel after 3 months with a 1 month fee
Early terminiation detailsIf you terminate your employment during the lease term, you have 3 options to end your EV salary sacrifice lease:

Transferring the lease to a colleague.

Working with LoveElectric to transfer the contract to your new employer.

Finding someone within LoveElectric's network to take over the lease.

If none of these options are viable, a one-month rental equivalent will be charged as an administrative fee.
Deposit requiredNo deposit
Public charging networkNone, but Love Electric has partnered with Hypervolt with an offer for those looking to charge their EVs at home. Customers can get a discount of approximately £500 on a fully-installed smart home charger. This offer can be added as an extra option during the EV order checkout process.
Number of models availableEvery EV on the market (via LoveElectrics access to 300 dealers)
Whats included?Maintenance and servicing


Breakdown assistance and recovery

Replacement tyres and glass

Fully comprehensive car insurance can be added with the flick of a switch at checkout
Car purchase optionNone
Trustpilot rating4.7 (November 2023)
Customer support optionsCustomer service email: [email protected]
ProsFair early termination protection

Specialised salary sacrifice provider

Flexible and comprehensive service

Price transparency as an ethical Bcorp company

Wide EV availability
ConsLimited eligibility for Businesses

No free public charging
EligibilityBusinesses eligible for Loveelectric must have been operational for a minimum of two years and should be generating profits and have a net worth of £500k+
Lead timeThe sign up process can take as little as 7 days.

The car lead time depends how far you are from the vehicle. For example, if the car is only 50-100 miles away, Loveelectric claim they can get it to you within 1-2 days
Delivery costFree
Salary sacrificeAvailable

Elmo logo

elmo Salary Sacrifice

Best for: Best all-inclusive Subscription
Full Review: elmo Car Subscription

elmo Car Subscription

elmo Car Subscription

  • All-inclusive service: Insurance, Maintenance, Breakdown Cover, Service & MOT included

  • Flexible monthly contracts:
    elmoFlex: 30 days notice after month 1
    elmoSave: 30 days notice after month 11

  • Mileage allowance: 800 miles per month

  • No deposit needed

  • Salary sacrifice is available and fully managed by elmo

elmo offers a fully-managed salary sacrifice scheme for electric cars on subscription.

There’s no deposit, swift delivery and setup, and an all-inclusive package that leaves no stone unturned. elmo’s package includes an electric car with a generous allowance of 800 miles per month, comprehensive insurance coverage, and scheduled maintenance and servicing.

24/7 roadside assistance is included. The inclusion of driver safety telematics is a thoughtful addition that not only improves EV safety but could also help lower EV insurance costs in the long term.

elmo’s scheme also considers wear and tear on the EV tyres, a crucial factor in maintaining vehicle safety and performance.

For those seeking extra mileage or wishing to add up to two additional drivers, elmo provides the flexibility to adapt the package to your needs. A range of charging options is also available to suit different home setups and lifestyles.

Minimum termelmoFlex: 60 days
elmoSave: 12 months
Early terminiation detailselmoFlex: 30 days notice after month 1

elmoSave: 30 days notice after month 11
Deposit requiredNo deposit
Charging benefitsHome charging: elmo partners with Easee and AES to provide customers with the option to buy and install an Easee One unit for £949 (RRP is £999).

Public charging: elmoCharge, through a partnership with Paua, offers Elmo subscribers a public charging option.

Subscribers can charge at over 25,000 locations via 20 leading network providers, such as Gridserve, Connected Kerb, Shell, and Osprey, using their elmoCharge card.

There is a cost though, it’s not free charging. You’ll be billed fortnightly for any electricity you use with your elmoCharge card. You can see how much you’re spending using the Paua app.
Number of models available23
Whats included?Comprehensive insurance cover.

Maintenance: Routine servicing & fair wear & tear.

Driver Safety: Dashcam & driving analytics.

Tyres: Fair wear & tear repair and replacements.

Road Tax: Vehicle Excise Duty & Congestion charge.

Registration and fees managed by elmo.

Breakdown Assistance: 24/7 roadside assistance in the UK.

Mileage allowance of 800 miles per month.
Car purchase optionNo option to purchase at the end of the agreement
Trustpilot rating4.3 (November 2023)
Customer support optionsCustomer support email: [email protected].

Customer support phoneline: 0330 165 4945

Online chat option: Quick response from a real human!
ProsSubscription model provides flexibility and protection.

All-Inclusive package covers a broad range of services.

Streamlined sign-up process can see you approved in 24 hours.

Salary Sacrifice Scheme: They offer the first fully managed salary sacrifice scheme for electric cars on a subscription.

Comprehensive customer support: With channels like online chat, email, and phone support.
ConsThe online chat support isn't available on weekends.

The eligibility criteria, especially related to driving license conditions and past records, will exclude a number of potential drivers.

The age requirement (25 years or 30 for certain vehicles) excludes younger drivers
EligibilityYou're at least 25 years old (or 30 for ABI Group 31+ vehicles) and have a valid driving license meeting specific requirements.

Reside in the UK and have an active account on the elmo website.

Passed elmo's identity and credit checks, with no active CCJs.

Entered into a Vehicle Hire Contract with elmo.
Delivery costStandard delivery and collection fee of £119 for England and Wales. Scotland deliveries vary depending on location (you’ll receive an accurate quote when signing up).
Lead timeApproval within 24 hours, delivery within 7 days
Salary Sacrificeelmo's salary sacrifice scheme is the only fully-managed salary sacrifice scheme for electric cars in the UK market

Tusker logo

Tusker Salary Sacrifice

Best for: Best Dedicated Business Support Team
Full Review: Tusker Salary Sacrifice Scheme

Tusker Salary Sacrifice


  • Access to every EV model in the UK

  • Market-leading Early Termination Protection

  • Includes insurance, breakdown cover, maintenance & tyres

  • Dedicated comms expert provided to support roll-out

Tusker, a carbon-neutral company with over 15 years of experience in providing company cars, offers an award-winning salary sacrifice car scheme that has become widely popular in both the public and private sectors.

Tusker’s scheme allows employees to drive a brand-new, fully insured and maintained car. Offering a hassle-free solution, the comprehensive package includes fully comprehensive motor insurance, breakdown cover, and routine maintenance for complete peace of mind.

You are also spoilt for choice with access to any make or model, ensuring you can find a car that best suits your needs.

The scheme offers a high degree of customisation. You can personalise your new car right down to the colour, trim, interior and additional features, making your car truly yours.

ContractContract hire agreement
Minimum term24 months
Early terminiation detailsTusker allows you to return the car within three months of the delivery without fees for unexpected situations like resignations, retirements, or redundancies. For parental changes, lease costs are covered up to £500/month if ordered before significant life events.

Tusker covers termination charges for long-term sickness, medical license loss, or severe circumstances like death or terminal illness.

For decisions within employee control, such as driving convictions or career breaks, the employee might bear termination fees.
Deposit requiredNo deposit is required
Charging add-onsNo charging add-ons available
Number of models availableTusker can access EVs from every leading manufacturer, but the available selection for individuals is based on scheme settings set by their employer.
Whats included?Tusker offers routine servicing and wear and tear maintenance, combined with replacement EV tyres.

Fully comprehensive insurance is provided and there's accident management to support you in the event of an accident.

Additionally, whether you're travelling within the UK or exploring Europe, the UK & European Breakdown Cover provided by Tusker has you covered.

Tusker also offers exclusive fleet discounts and competitive corporate rates.
Car purchase optionYou have 3 options at the end of your Tusker agreement:

Switch vehicles: Order a fresh model; your new car is delivered as the current one is collected.

Return the vehicle: End the agreement and return the car to Tusker.

Buy the car: Tusker will sell it for its current market value.
Trust Pilot Rating4.4 (November 2023)
ProsBroad Vehicle Range

Environmental Credentials


Employee Engagement

Risk Management
ConsNo Website Chat Feature

Limited EV Charging Add-Ons
EligibilityBusiness of any size can now apply to Tusker.

Employees need a full UK driving license.

Post-salary sacrifice, take-home pay must be above the national minimum wage.
Delivery costFree delivery
Customer support Tusker's customer support can be reached via dedicated phone lines:

General queries (0333 400 2020), car selection (0333 400 7431), and scheme setup (0333 400 1010).

They're open from 9:00am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays; no email or chat support is currently available.
Lead time4-6 weeks
Salary SacrificeTukser specialises in salary sacrifice schemes, offering employees access to new, fully-insured, and maintained vehicles by allocating a portion of their pre-tax salary each month

SalSac logo

SalSac Salary Sacrifice

Best for: End-to-end service
Full Review: Salsac Salary Sacrifice

SalSac Salary Sacrifice

SalSac Salary Sacrifice

  • Cost neutral: Fees come from NIC & tax savings 

  • Home chargers included: Add the cost of a home charger to the salary sacrifice

  • Access to every EV on the market 

  • Maintenance, breakdown cover, insurance & delivery fees included

  • 10,000 miles per year as standard

SalSac Salary Sacrifice offers a comprehensive and easy-to-implement salary sacrifice scheme with contract lengths ranging from 24 to 48 months.

SalSac’s provides businesses with a full-service offering, taking care of everything from finding the perfect car for employees to supporting your accounts department with salary deduction calculations and P11d reporting.

Their partnership with Mr Charger, a dedicated EV Charging installation company, provides the option to include the cost of a home charger and its installation in the monthly salary deduction.

ContractSalary Sacrifice Lease
Minimum term24 months
Early terminiation detailsSalSac will attempt to relocate the contract to a new employee or new employer if needed.

If relocation is not possible, early termination fees will apply.

Included in the contract is an early termination provision that covers 50% of the penalty amount.

A funder early termination option is available at an extra cost, requiring a 3-month notice, offering more comprehensive coverage.
Deposit requiredNo deposit
Charging benefitsThe cost of a home charger unit and its installation can be included as salary sacrific over the lease's duration. SalSac partners with Mr Charger to provide and install the charger.
Number of models availableAll current UK EV & PHEVs available
Whats included?Manufacturer warranty

Breakdown cover

Full maintenance including EV tyres

EV insurance

Employee engagement & free webinars
Car purchase optionSalSac allows employees to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease term, but the employer or anyone financially linked to the employer's business cannot buy the car.
Customer support optionsOnline chat support

customer service email address: [email protected]

customer service phone number, 0330 174 6768
ProsCost-Neutral for businesses

Option to purchase the EV at the end of the lease

Home charger inclusion under the salary sacrifice

Employee engagement and education via webinars

Expert customer support
ConsEarly termination fees
EligibilityEmployee must be aged between 18 and 75 at the start of the lease; 78 maximum if insurance is included.

Must be a permanent UK resident.

Must hold a valid UK driving licence for the entire lease duration.

Must be a permanent PAYE employee.

Basic pay must not fall below the National Minimum or Living Wage after all deductions, including the lease.
Delivery costFree
Salary SacrificeAvailable

Fleet Evolution logo

Fleet Evolution Salary Sacrifice

Best for: Early Termination Protection
Full Review: Fleet Evolution Salary Sacrifice

Fleet Evolution Salary Sacrifice

Fleet Evolution Salary Sacrifice

  • Early Termination Protection
    Leaver protection from day 1

  • The 'Electric Flex' option lets you swap to a
    petrol car for specific occasions if necessary

  • Free Workplace Charger
    When 5 or more staff take out a Salary Sacrifice EV

Fleet Evolution offer a comprehensive service that includes drafting contract variations, ensuring HMRC compliance, and managing direct recharges to the employee. They also offer dedicated support teams for both parties to ensure that all questions are answered and issues are swiftly resolved.

Fleet Evolution provides strong leaver protection. This straightforward policy is effective from the first day of the contract, eliminating hidden complications or penalties for employees who may need to leave the scheme. They offer a free charging point installation to businesses where five or more employees decide to lease electric cars through the salary sacrifice scheme.

ContractSalary Sacrifice Lease
Minimum term12 Months
Early terminiation detailsFleet Evolution offers a clear and straightforward early termination policy: employees can return the car without penalty, even if it's on the first day of the contract.
Deposit requiredNo deposit required
Charging add-onsWhen five employees choose electric cars through Fleet Evolution's salary sacrifice scheme, the company provides a complimentary two-port 22kWh charger for the workplace.
Number of models availableFleet Evolution offers an extensive range, they can access every new EV on the market, as well as used vehicles and cancelled orders.
Whats included?The Fleet Evolution Salary Sacrifice Scheme covers all aspects of vehicle usage except for electricity and any incurred fines/damage. Customers also enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose between Fleet Evolution's insurance or their own.
Trust Pilot Rating2.9 (November 2023)
ProsComprehensive leaver protection

A decade of EV experience

Low administration for businesses

Dedicated support teams

Free charge point
ConsSelective eligibility

Initial uptake requirement for a free charger
Car purchase option?Fleet Evolution allows customers to purchase their leased vehicle at the end of the agreement, priced at its current market value.
EligibilityTypically seeks businesses with:

- Three years of trading history

- A strong balance sheet

However, there is flexibility in the approach:

- Supports start-ups with a compelling business plan

- Welcomes overseas-owned companies new to the UK with a strong business reputation
Customer support Fleet Evolution offers direct phone support at 0300 302 0626 (Mon-Fri, 8.30am-5.30pm) and a responsive chat box with real representatives, like Jordan, ensuring quick and effective answers.

Hippo leasing logo

Hippo Leasing Salary Sacrifice

Best for: Bad Credit
Full Review:
Hippo Car Leasing

Hippo Car Leasing

Hippo Car Leasing

  • Bad Credit Specialist
    With a soft credit check that won't impact your credit rating

  • Access to over 650 EVs

  • Nothing to pay for the first 30 days

  • 72-hour delivery time

  • Salary Sacrifice available

Hippo Leasing believes in ‘helping those others won’t’, as they cater to those with bad credit by offering viable leasing deals, ensuring access to an electric vehicle is not hindered by bad credit history.

They offer competitive leasing deals, even without a deposit. This is enabled through partnerships with diverse lenders offering market-leading rates.

Hippo has an eligibility checker, providing the ability to check the acceptance likelihood before application, with results delivered swiftly within 30 minutes.

The availability of tailored packages enables you to pick your contract type, length, deposit, and mileage, providing flexibility to fit individual preferences.

Hippo Leasing provides a 14-day money-back guarantee, giving leasers extra peace of mind.

Minimum termThe minimum term with Hippo is 12 months
Early terminiation detailsYou are responsible for the payments for the full term
Deposit requiredNo deposit and pay nothing for 30 days
Charging benefitsNo charging adds ons available with Hippo Leasing
Number of models available674 EVs

4408 models in total
Whats included?The standard lease is car only.

Hippo offer 'Hippo Protect' as an add-on from £24,99 a month, this covers:
Platinum Warranty
Breakdown Assistance
Overnight Accomodation
Onward Travel
Hire Car
Car purchase optionNo option to purchase at the end of the agreement
Trustpilot rating4.4 (November 2023)
Customer support optionsCustomer Service Phoneline - 01254 956666.

Customer chat box: We spoke with a helpfull Hippo employee calleed Danielle, quick response and all questions answered.

Customer service email: [email protected]
ProsOptions for bad credit
Good variety of vehicles
Salary Sacrifice option
Quick delivery
ConsEarly termination fees
No car purchase option
No EV charging benefits
Limited add-ons
EligibilityMust be at least 18 years old to sign a leasing agreement.

Possession of a full driving licence isn't always necessary; provisional licences may be accepted.

Regular income or benefits are required, but formal employment isn't mandatory.

Documentation needs vary based on credit score, typically including proof of residency and identity.

Hippo offers options for those with bad credit, ensuring inclusivity for all credit backgrounds.
Lead time72-hour delivery for in-stock cars
Delivery costFree - or collect from the Blackburn hub
Salary SacrificeSalary Sacrifice is available and managed by Hippo.

Kick start with a call to Hippo's team for guidance; once terms are set, vehicles are delivered to the business address.

Employees can save up to 60% compared to personal leases due to tax and National Insurance deductions.

Access to a diverse range of electric vehicles with no upfront fees or credit checks.

Comprehensive package includes vehicle, servicing, maintenance, and roadside assistance.

Go Green logo

Go Green Salary Sacrifice

Best for: Business Insurance add-on
Full Review: Go Green Leasing

Go Green Leasing

Go Green Leasing
Salary Sacrifice Offer Includes:

  • Comprehensive Breakdown Cover

  • Fully comprehensive ‘Business’ Insurance
    fixed for 3 years (regardless of claims)

  • MOT, servicing & tyre cover

  • Additional 2 named drivers allowed (min 18 years)

Go Green delivers a comprehensive package for those considering electric or hybrid vehicles.

With Go Green, customers can enjoy a wide range of benefits including a brand-new car every 2 or 3 years. All servicing and repairs are included in the package, offering customers peace of mind and ease of maintenance.

For those who worry about tyre damage, Go Green provides unlimited tyre replacement/repair service, even for accidental damage.

Additional benefits include comprehensive breakdown cover, no deposit required with a fixed budget monthly rental, fully managed assistance, and no credit checks. 

They also offer fully comprehensive ‘Business’ Insurance fixed for 3 years, regardless of claims, road tax coverage for the entire contract, and allowance for additional 2 named drivers (min 18 years).

ContractContract hire lease agreement
Minimum term24 Months
Early terminiation detailsEarly termination due to voluntary exit or disciplinary dismissal incurs a fee deducted from the final salary.

If the termination fee surpasses the final salary, the difference must be reimbursed to the funder.

In the event of redundancy, the funder may cover early termination costs based on the severance package.

If the employee loses their driving licence for medical reasons, the vehicle can be returned without any termination penalties.
Deposit requiredNo deposit required
Charging benefitsGo Green doesn't handle charging point installations directly, instead they refer customers to Rolec Services.

Go Green offers assistance in coordinating a charging point setup, but Rolec's pricing doesn't appear to have specific discounts for Go Green referrals.
Number of models available40 EVs in stock
Whats included?Included in the Salary Sacrifice Package:

Comprehensive servicing and maintenance coverage.

Unlimited tyre replacements and repairs.

Fixed-rate, all-inclusive motor insurance for the contract duration, accommodating up to two additional named drivers.

Road tax coverage for the entire contract term (based on current rates).

Complete vehicle breakdown and recovery services.
Customer support optionsCustomer Phone line: 01993 226226

Customer email address: [email protected]
Car purchase optionThere is an option to purchase the car at the end of a Go Green contract
ProsEco-friendly Fleet Focus

Comprehensive Salary Sacrifice Scheme

No Deposit Required

Vehicle Purchase Option
ConsEarly Termination Costs

Eligibility Restrictions

Varied Lead Time
EligibilityMinimum 6 months of current employment.

Hold a full driving licence and be aged 18 or above.

Ability to afford the chosen vehicle without reducing gross pay below the National Living Wage.

Intention to stay employed for the duration of the 2 or 3-year lease contract.

Submission of identity and address proofs; additional documentation may be required based on the applicant's status (individual, business, or guarantor).
Delivery costFree Delivery
Salary SacrificeThe salary sacrifice scheme offered is comprehensive. It covers most car expenses, from servicing and maintenance to unlimited tyre replacements and repairs.

Participants are protected with fixed-rate, all-inclusive motor insurance that spans the entirety of the contract's duration, even allowing for the inclusion of up to two additional named drivers.

The scheme also includes electric vehicle breakdown and recovery cover.
Lead timeLead time will vary anywhere between 2 and 20 weeks.

Some very popular vehicles which are in high demand can be even longer.

The electric car scheme logo

The Electric Car Scheme Salary Sacrifice

Best for: Startups
Full Review: The Electric Car Scheme

The Electric Car Scheme

The Electric Car Scheme

  • All-Inclusive package: any brand, every model,
    best prices

  • Includes maintenance,
    tyre replacement, MOT,
    breakdown cover &

  • Home charger installed by Smart
    Home Charge

  • Flexible contracts:
    Subscription cars
    available for 1 year

The Electric Car Scheme offers a competitive and appealing salary sacrifice package for EVs, focused on delivering value, simplicity, personalised support, and risk protection.

In terms of value, the scheme works with a broad range of car lease companies, ensuring customers get the best lease deal available for each car. There are no hidden fees in the monthly lease cost, making it a truly cost-effective choice.

They provide support with monthly payroll instructions, ensure HMRC compliance, and handle tax reporting, effectively relieving customers of these burdens.

The Electric Car Scheme also offers market-leading risk protection. It includes safeguards against early termination fees, providing coverage for a variety of situations that may necessitate the early return of a vehicle. This makes it particularly appealing to customers seeking security and flexibility.

ContractSalary Sacrifice Lease or Subscription
Minimum termLease: 24 months

Subscription: 12 months
Early terminiation detailsThe Electric Car Scheme's approach to early termination fees stands out as one of the most transparent we've come across. Should a lease end before its term, there are a few different scenarios that dictate who has the responsibility for the termination fees:

The Electric Car Scheme will take on the costs for cases such as redundancy or dismissal after two months, resignation post three months, Family Friendly Leaves (covering statutory maternity, paternity, and adoption), long-term sickness, death, or when an employee defaults on their payments.

Employees are liable for the fees if they resign within the first three months, lose their driving license, breach lease terms, face dismissal for specific reasons, or if the car is written off or stolen – this is typically addressed by the car insurance provider.

On the other hand, employers are responsible for costs arising from redundancy or dismissal occurring within the initial two months of the lease. This clear division of accountability ensures all parties are well-informed from the outset.
Deposit requiredNo Deposit
Charging benefitsSalary-Sacrifice Integration: Purchase your new charging point through The Electric Car Scheme and include the charger cost in your salary-sacrifice package.

When consulting with The Electric Car Scheme, you'll get a direct referral to their preferred charging partner, Smart Home Charge.
Number of models availableCustomers of the Electric Car Scheme can opt for any electric car available in the UK market.

This range of choices might be influenced by the employer’s set eligibility criteria, such as minimum salary requirements and the duration of employment.
Whats included?Heres what's included with the Electric Car Scheme:

The Car: Any brand and model at competitive prices.

Servicing: Maintenance, tyre replacement, MOT, and breakdown cover.

Insurance: Comprehensive NIG coverage with GAP insurance.

Home Charger: Installed by 'Which? Trusted Traders Smart Home Charge'.

Flexible Terms: 1-year subscriptions or cars while waiting for delivery.

Public Charging: Salary sacrifice options for wider EV accessibility.
Car purchase optionWhen the agreement ends, employees can potentially purchase the electric car at a set price or return it. They can also renew with a different EV or exit the scheme.
Trust Pilot Rating4.6 (November 2023)
ProsReduced Business Risk

Competitive Lease Deals

Variety in Car Selection

All-Inclusive Package

Flexible Contracts
ConsEligibility Limitations

Dependence on Employer's Criteria
EligibilityEligibility for the Electric Car Scheme is based on both employer criteria and an employee's financial circumstances.

Typical requirements include being over 21, having six months of company service outside of probation, earning over £20,000 post-salary sacrifice, and holding a clean driving licence.

However, final admission to the scheme rests with the employer's discretion.
Delivery costVaries depending on the vehicle provider
Lead timeVaries depending on the vehicle provider
Salary SacrificeThe Electric Car Scheme specialises in salary sacrifice.

The scheme stands out by minimising risks for businesses, avoiding hefty early exit fees, and offering competitive lease deals that capitalise on the tax benefits.

Leaseplan logo

LeasePlan Salary Sacrifice

Best for: Large Enterprises
Full Review: LeasePlan Car Leasing

LeasePlan Car Leasing


  • Huge range of over 600 EVs

  • Tailored contracts & mileage

  • Monthly costs can include maintenance & tyres

  • Salary Sacrifice Available
    For businesses with over 1,000 employees

LeasePlan’s salary sacrifice scheme has been in operation since 2010, they are a globally recognised leasing company, boasting a large fleet of 1.9 million vehicles across 29 countries. With a legacy of over 50 years in the industry, they offer an experienced and trusted service for corporate clients, public sector entities, SMEs, and individual consumers.

LeasePlan targets companies with over 1,000 employees, assisting them in going green.

Collaborating with all the leading electric vehicle manufacturers, they ensure that employees have a wide array of options to choose from.

The company manages the entire life cycle of their vehicles, taking care of everything from purchasing to maintenance and even reselling of former lease vehicles. This comprehensive service allows clients to focus on ‘what’s next’, alleviating the administrative burden of managing a vehicle fleet.

ContractPersonal Contract Hire Lease
Minimum termStandard lease:12 months

FlexiPlan: 3 months
Early terminiation detailsStandard Lease: Eligibility for Early Termination: Possible after 12 months or once £1,500 (including VAT and services) has been paid.

Fees: Early termination incurs a fee, with returned vehicles assessed for "fair wear and tear." LeasePlan FlexiPlan: no early termination cost
Deposit requiredNo deposit is required
Charging benefitsCharging Card: Access to the entire public charging network, with energy card management by LeasePlan and consumption tracking on the My Fleet portal.

EV Charger Add-on: LeasePlan offer 3 charging options that can be added to the lease cost: Home, Home Plus, and Biz Plus - catering to people with off-street parking, people with shared parking, and business needs. All options include installation, maintenance, and necessary hardware.

Once the charger is installed, it becomes the customer's property.
Number of models available600 Electric Vehicles currently available
Whats included?Comprehensive Maintenance & Support: Covers both preventive and corrective maintenance, tyres, replacement vehicles, and 24-hour breakdown cover.

Insurance, mandatory periodic inspections, and accident management are also included.
Car purchase optionIt is not possible to buy the vehicle, you have 2 options:

Return the Vehicle: Contact LeasePlan at least three days prior to the end of your contract.

Extend the Lease: Opt for a 'formal extension' for a minimum of six months
Trust Pilot Rating3.8 (November 2023)
ProsExtensive range of EVs

Comprehensive Service Package

Flexible Charging Solutions

Salary Sacrifice Scheme
ConsEarly Termination Fee

Limited Flexibility in Short-Term Rentals

Minimum Employee Requirement for Salary Sacrifice
EligibilityAge Requirement: Applicants must be between 25 and 70 years old.

Driving Experience: Must have held a full UK driving license for at least 2 years.
Delivery costFree
Customer support 24/7 General Helpline: 800 20 42 98 in Portugal or +351 214 40 09 10 from UK.

SME & Private Renting: 800 10 70 70, available weekdays with specified hours.

Email Support: Available via a dedicated email form for all inquiries.
Lead timeIn stock cars can be delivered within 2 to 8 weeks
Salary SacrificeLeasePlans Salary Sacrifice scheme is aimed at bigger businesses, employees in companies with over 1,000 staff can pay for electric vehicles using their gross salary.

Novuna logo

Novuna Vehicle Solutions Salary Sacrifice

Best for: Comprehensive EV Information Hub
Full Review: Novuna Vehicle Solutions

Novuna Vehicle Solutions

Novuna Vehicle Solutions

  • Provide all vehicle asset types
    EVs, Vans, HGVs, Specialist, Plant

  • Charge Points Included
    Novuna provides charger installation and management

  • Salary Sacrifice Option
    Salary Sacrifice includes Maintenance, Insurance & Home Charger

Novuna, an award-winning leasing and fleet service provider, offer a robust salary sacrifice scheme for large businesses with over 1,500 employees.

The package includes charging options for both workplaces and for an employee’s home. In addition to the vehicle and charger, Novuna’s salary sacrifice package includes breakdown cover, essential maintenance and insurance for up to 3 named drivers.

Novuna provides an ‘EV Hub’ – a comprehensive resource answering many questions an employee might have about transitioning to an EV. The EV Hub also showcases available vehicles based on various parameters such as price, range, charging speed, and even boot space, enabling users to make informed decisions based on their individual needs.

ContractBusiness Contract Hire (BCH) or Salary Sacrifice Lease
Minimum term24 months
Early terminiation detailsIf you leave the company or face financial challenges due to changes, you will still incur a termination fee for ending the vehicle contract early.

In situations of financial hardship, you can either arrange a payment plan with your employer or opt for early termination and return the vehicle for a fee. Always consult your policy for specific termination costs.
Deposit requiredNo deposit required
Charging add-onsNovuna Vehicle Solutions provides a comprehensive range of charging solutions for UK businesses.

They manage everything from installing charge points at workplaces and depots nationwide to offering specialised charging for vans, HGVs, and Forklifts.

Additionally, employees can benefit from personal home chargers, potentially included in their lease agreements.
Whats included?EV Hub: Novunas platform to compare and choose the right electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle based on various criteria.

Training: Mandatory four-module pre-delivery EV familiarisation training, covering topics from charging to accident procedures.

Workplace Charging: Installation, management, and maintenance of charging points at offices, with a sophisticated Charge Point Management System.

Home Charging: Option to include smart home charging points in the lease agreement.

Salary Sacrifice Scheme: Offers a new EV, home charge point fitting, maintenance and road tax, breakdown cover and insurance for up to three drivers.
Trust Pilot Rating4.0 (November 2023)
ProsEasy EV ordering

Good Range of Customer Support

Solid EV Charging Solutions

Free Nationwide Delivery
ConsNo Personal Leasing Option

Salary Sacrifice Unavailable for Smaller Businesses

Early Termination Fees Apply
EligibilityTo qualify for Novuna's Salary Sacrifice scheme, your company must have at least 1,500 employees.

Individual participants must ensure their adjusted taxable pay doesn't fall below the National Living Wage after the sacrifice.
Customer support Helpline: Call 0344 463 2900, available Mon-Fri, 8:30am to 5pm.

Chat online: Get instant answers on Novunas website.

Enquiry Form: Fill out the online form for detailed queries or feedback.

Gridserve logo

GridServe Salary Sacrifice

Best for: All-inclusive charging with the Net Zero bundle
Full Review: Gridserve EV Leasing



  • Three Months Free Charging
    On the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway

  • GRIDSERVE plant 100 trees for each lease

  • Salary Sacrifice Available
    Salary Sacrifice includes Breakdown Cover, Maintenance, Insurance & MOT

With Gridserve, all of the administrative aspects of owning a vehicle are taken care of. This includes maintenance, insurance, and even breakdown cover. All cars leased under the scheme are brand new and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Servicing is also included for the duration of the agreement, providing peace of mind and convenience.

The scheme includes a fixed, low monthly payment for the duration of the 2, 3, or 4-year agreement, making it easier to budget and plan finances.

Alongside this, Gridserve offers three months of free charging at any of its 180+ public charging sites on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, which is included with every new lease. You can even bundle in all-inclusive charging with the Net Zero leasing plan.

Additionally, for those with off-street parking, Gridserve offers assistance in choosing and installing a home charger.

ContractContract Hire Agreement OR Business Hire Agreement
Minimum term24 months
Early terminiation detailsFor a personal or business lease you are expected to pay around 50% of what is remaining on your contract.

For Salary Sacrifice customers, as long as you are out of the first and last 3 months of your contract, you are only expected to pay a 3 month early termination.
Deposit requiredNo deposit required
Charging add-onsWith every GRIDSERVE lease, enjoy three months of free charging across 180+ locations on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway.

If you take out the Net Zero Leasing plan, your monthly payments will cover all charging costs on GRIDSERVE Electric Highway.
Whats included?Includes road tax, breakdown cover, manufacturer's warranty, and MOT.

100 trees planted for each lease.

Three Months Free Charging: Accessible at 180+ GRIDSERVE Electric Highway locations.

Salary Sacrifice agreements also include:

Servicing & comprehensive insurance.
Trust Pilot Rating4.9 (November 2023)
ProsBroad EV Selection

100 trees planted for every car leased

Three months of free charging

Reputable Service

All-inclusive charging can be added
ConsNo purchase option

Early termination fees of around 50% (unless a salary sacrifice customer)
EligibilityTo qualify for a GRIDSERVE lease, individual consumers must be at least 18, UK residents, and possess a full driver's licence.

Business customers will need to have the authority to represent their business.
Customer support GRIDSERVE offers 24/7 phone support at 0330 173 3753, email assistance via [email protected], and an online query form on their website

Zenith logo

Zenith Salary Sacrifice

Best for: Customer satisfaction score

Zenith Salary Sacrifice

Zenith Salary Sacrifice

  • All-Inclusive package
    Includes: Car, Insurance, Maintenance,
    Breakdown cover, Tyres & Glass

  • 10 years of experience providing Salary Sacrifice schemes

  • 99% customer satisfaction score

Zenith is the parent company of Zen Auto. Zenith is the side of the business that deals with Salary Sacrifice schemes and Zen Auto is just for retail customers, not businesses.

Zenith takes pride in its all-inclusive package which is the result of over a decade’s worth of experience in providing salary sacrifice schemes, setting them apart from newer entrants in the market.

Their average implementation satisfaction score of 99% speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of their service.

Zenith’s salary sacrifice scheme ensures users receive a brand-new car and benefit from a range of comprehensive services. Scheduled servicing and maintenance, EV breakdown cover, and replacement EV tyres are all part of the offering, ensuring that the vehicle remains in optimal condition throughout the lease term.

Zenith also provides a windscreen and glass cover, an often overlooked but crucial aspect of car maintenance and safety.

WeVee logo

WeVee Salary Sacrifice

Best for: Quick application turnaround

WeVee is a one-stop platform offering every electric car available in the UK market, saving customers the hassle of scouring various websites.

Through strategic partnerships with manufacturers, dealers, and leading UK lenders, WeVee ensures access to exclusive EV stock and pricing, making the customers needs a priority.

Their real-time inventory system provides an immediate overview of dealer inventory across the UK, ensuring swift car finding and availability.

Comprised of passionate EV enthusiasts, WeVee’s team offers expert advice, helping customers understand features, and specifications, and even assisting with finding the nearest charging points.

WeVee also offers an end-to-end service, handling all the mundane aspects from initial enquiry to delivery. They manage paperwork, car configuration, charging account setup, and even assist with home charger installation.

There’s no requirement for a personal credit check and the scheme includes maintenance and insurance.

How does an EV salary sacrifice work?

Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of how a salary sacrifice scheme works for electric cars:

  1. Agreement between Employer and Employee
    The process starts with an agreement. The employer proposes the benefit, of an electric car, and the employee consents in writing to a decrease in their gross salary for this benefit.

  2. Salary Reduction
    The portion of the salary that is ‘sacrificed’ is decided based on the cost of the benefit. In the case of an electric car, this would typically equate to the lease or subscription payment for the car. This amount is deducted from the employee’s gross salary.

  3. Provision of the Benefit
    In exchange for this salary sacrifice, the employer provides the agreed-upon benefit, i.e., the EV. The employee does not incur any additional charges for the use of the car, apart from the agreed salary sacrifice.

  4. Tax and National Insurance Contributions Reduction
    As the sacrifice is made from the gross salary, it reduces the employee’s taxable income. This results in lower income tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) payments. The employer also benefits from reduced NICs.

  5. Completion of the Lease or Termination of Employment
    The agreement usually lasts for the duration of the electric car lease or subscription, typically between two to four years for a lease agreement. EV subscription services are typically more flexible and can be cancelled at a month’s notice, but generally come at a higher cost. Should the employee leave the company before the end of the lease, a termination fee might apply.

In the UK, electric cars provided under a salary sacrifice scheme are subject to a Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) tax rate of 2%

Remember that participating in a salary sacrifice scheme will lower your overall cash earnings. This can affect calculations based on your salary, such as pension contributions or mortgage applications. It’s wise to consider these implications and, if needed, seek financial advice before deciding on a salary sacrifice scheme.

What are the benefits of an EV salary sacrifice?

The main benefits of salary sacrifice schemes are tax savings, but there are other benefits related to the nature of electric vehicles and the all-inclusive perks often included in these schemes:

  • Lower Personal Tax and National Insurance Contributions
    The primary advantage of a salary sacrifice scheme is the potential for lower personal tax and National Insurance Contributions. By reducing your gross salary, you’re lowering your taxable income.

  • Benefit-in-Kind Rates
    EVs attract a low Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) rate in the UK – currently at 2%. This is considerably lower than the BiK rates applied to most other company car benefits, making EVs a particularly attractive option from a tax perspective.

  • Access to Higher Value Vehicles
    Depending on the terms of the scheme, you could potentially have access to electric vehicles that may have been out of your budget if you were to lease or buy them outright.

  • All-Inclusive Perks
    When you lease or subscribe to an EV via a salary sacrifice scheme you tend to bundle various perks along with the vehicle. This can include maintenance costs, EV breakdown cover, EV charging, and even insurance, offering potential savings and simplifying your budgeting. Always make sure to check exactly what’s included in your scheme, as this can vary.
row of ev chargers from the rear at gridserve
All-inclusive salary sacrifice subscription services can include EV charging

What are the negatives of an EV salary sacrifice?

As with any financial decision, it’s vital to consider all aspects of a salary sacrifice scheme before diving in, including the potential negatives:

  • Cash earnings are reduced
    If you join a salary sacrifice scheme your overall cash earnings will be lower.

    This can affect calculations based on your salary, for instance, pension contributions from both you and your employer are usually a percentage of your salary. A lower salary could mean lower pension contributions, potentially impacting your pension pot in the long run. This could be particularly significant if you’re close to retirement.

    Statutory benefits like Statutory Maternity Pay, Statutory Sick Pay, and redundancy payments, which are calculated based on your average earnings, might also be affected.

    This can affect calculations based on your salary, such as pension contributions or statutory benefits. It’s wise to consider these implications and, if needed, seek financial advice before deciding on a salary sacrifice scheme.

  • Early Termination Costs
    If, for any reason, you need to exit the scheme early – for instance, if you leave your job, are made redundant, or simply wish to end the agreement – there may be costs involved. You need to understand those costs before entering into an agreement.

If you want to explore the advantages and disadvantages of the schemes further, check out our complete guide to the pros and cons of EV salary sacrifice schemes.

Is an EV salary sacrifice scheme worth it?

Having looked at the pros and cons above, the question of is an EV salary sacrifice worth it really comes down to personal circumstances and priorities.

These schemes offer significant income tax and NIC savings. The low Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) rate applied to EVs makes them an attractive option from a tax perspective.

However, these advantages must be weighed against the potential downsides. The fact that the salary sacrifice scheme lowers your overall cash earnings can impact other aspects of your financial life.

To work out if an EV sacrifice scheme is worth it depends on your own circumstances. Take a long-term assessment of your finances before rushing in. It’s also worth taking professional tax advice, understanding the full picture is key to deciding whether it’s the right move for you.

Pros of EV Salary Sacrifice Schemes
  • Tax and National Insurance Savings
  • Access to All-Inclusive schemes
  • Discounts on a purchase price
  • Low Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) Rates for EVs
  • Regular Access to New Cars 
  • Congestion Charge Benefits
  • The Convenience of Workplace Charging
Cons of EV Salary Sacrifice Schemes
  • Reduction in Take-Home Salary
  • Reduced Pension Contributions
  • Mortgage or Loan Eligibility Considerations
  • Limited Vehicle Selection 
  • Potential Responsibility for Vehicle Upkeep
  • Early Exit Considerations

red nissan ev charging at a public charging station

What is the maximum salary sacrifice in the UK?

In the UK, there isn’t a set maximum limit on how much of your salary you can sacrifice for benefits. The amount you can sacrifice theoretically could be up to 100% of your salary, but in practice, this wouldn’t work due to various restrictions.

Any salary sacrifice arrangement must not drop your pay below the National Minimum Wage or the National Living Wage, as applicable. Sacrificing too much of your salary can also impact your pension contributions, as these are based on your salary after the sacrifice.

The final word on the best EV salary sacrifice schemes

The best EV salary sacrifice schemes present an appealing option for many employees and employers in the UK. After extensive research and analysis, we’ve shortlisted the best EV salary sacrifice providers for 2023.

These companies were selected based on tangible, value-driven criteria. Our selection process involved feedback from Electric Car Guides focus group, sifting through genuine real-world reviews, and closely assessing the performance of each provider against a set benchmark.

The criteria that our contenders excelled in included:

  • Electric vehicle fleet range
  • Affordability of lease or subscription
  • Comprehensive EV-inclusive services
  • Flexible EV lease durations
  • Reasonable mileage limits
  • Attractive EV charger offers or benefits
  • Solid early termination protection policies
  • Exceptional customer support

Based on our criteria, the companies that have risen to the top of the salary sacrifice providers in 2023 are:

  • Octopus EV
  • Love Electric
  • elmo
  • Tusker
  • SalSac
  • Fleet Evolution
  • Hippo Leasing
  • Go Green
  • The Electric Car Scheme
  • LeasePlan
  • Novuna Vehicle Solutions
  • Zenith
  • WeVee

These companies stand out as the best salary sacrifice providers because they set the benchmarks in the EV salary sacrifice industry. They feature a diverse range of electric vehicles, competitive pricing, commitment to customer satisfaction, flexible lease durations and generous early termination policies.

Help if you’re struggling with debt from car subscriptions or leases

Late payments on car subscriptions or leases can lead to financial difficulties. If you find yourself struggling with debt from car subscriptions or leases, it is essential to seek professional guidance. Several debt advice services can help:

  • StepChange: StepChange offers debt management plans tailored to your situation
  • Citizens Advice: Offering free and confidential advice on managing debts.
  • National Debtline: National Debtline is a helpline specifically designed to assist with personal debt, including car subscription or lease obligations.
  • MoneyHelper (formerly The Money Advice Service): Providing tools and support to help you understand your options and make informed decisions.

Remember, the terms of car subscriptions and leases can vary significantly, so it’s important to read and understand your specific agreements and obligations.

Our Best Salary Sacrifice review methodology

At Electric Car Guide, we reviewed the whole of the UK salary sacrifice market. The reviews were conducted with impartiality and an in-depth understanding of what electric car users value. Here’s how we formulated our evaluation:

  1. Customer Feedback from Electric Car Guide: We surveyed users from our own website in our EV focus group. These insights offered us a firsthand view of real-world experiences and salary sacrifice expectations, allowing us to frame our review around actual user needs and preferences.

  2. Trustpilot Reviews: We took into account both positive and negative reviews from Trustpilot. This provided a balanced perspective, acknowledging the praises and criticisms our salary sacrifice providers have received from a diverse range of customers.

  3. Comparison with Competitors: We compared the salary sacrifice features, pros, cons, and customer experience against their nearest competitors in the UK market. This enabled us to gauge each provider’s standing in the industry, highlighting its strengths and areas for improvement.

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