Can You Recycle EV Batteries?

A crucial aspect of making electric vehicles truly eco-friendly is whether or not you can recycle the parts when an EV comes to the end of the road! Let’s look at the process of EV battery recycling, the environmental benefits, and the innovations shaping current battery recycling. Can you recycle … Read more

Jump Starting an Electric Car

This article investigates the topic of jump-starting an electric car, including safety measures, recommended equipment, and a step-by-step guide on how to jump-start your EV. By the end of this guide, you should be well-equipped and well-informed in case you ever need to jump-start your EV. Can you jump-start an … Read more

What Happens If My Electric Car Runs Out of Battery?

The fear of running out of battery (otherwise known as range anxiety) is a very real concern for EV owners. So what happens if an electric car runs out of battery? In this article we will review the warning signs to look out for, what actually happens if your electric … Read more

Troubleshooting EV Charging Ports Issues

Charging ports are becoming an essential part of our daily lives as EV owners. While these charging ports are designed to make powering your EV a breeze, they can sometimes cause issues that leave you scratching your head.  Fear not, you are in the right place – in this comprehensive … Read more

Essential EV Charger Maintenance Tips

You have just bought a new home charger and now you should spend some time learning how to look after it! Just like you would want to keep your EV in top condition, it’s important to apply the same level of care and regular maintenance to the EV charger. So … Read more

How Long Can an EV Sit Without Being Charged?

This article looks at how long your electric car can remain parked without losing its charge. We explore the factors that influence an electric vehicle’s battery charge when it is not being used and investigate topics such as battery self-discharge, temperature effects, and other electrical draining systems that consume power … Read more

Why is my EV Taking So Long to Charge?

If your EV is taking more time to charge than it used to, then a common question to ask is why is my EV taking so long to charge? In this article, we will investigate common problems that can cause an EV to charge slower than normal.   We will also … Read more

How Long Do Electric Cars Last?

One of the most common questions that people have when they start thinking about buying an Electric car is just how long they last. While petrol cars can last between 150,000 to 300,000 miles, the question remains: how long can we expect an electric car to last?  In this article, … Read more

EV Owners Guide to Servicing Your Electric Car

Welcome to Electric Car Guides’ introduction to servicing your electric car. It’s vital for EV owners to understand how to properly maintain and service electric cars to keep them running smoothly. Unlike petrol cars, EVs have different components and systems that require specialised attention from trained EV technicians.  In this … Read more

Electric Cars: A Comprehensive MOT Guide

As UK motorists continue to adopt electric cars and many brand-new EV owners will be wondering how an electric car MOT test differs from the traditional MOT test. In this comprehensive EV MOT guide, we investigate everything you need to know about electric MOTs. We’ll explore how an electric MOT … Read more

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